Part 3 – Amended in view of the COVID-19 crisis, explained below;

Last month I promised to reveal the process of cleansing the liver and gallbladder from the hundreds of stones that are probably innocently lurking there restricting essential bile flow. This interferes with the liver’s ability to ‘manage’ your health correctly. However with current COVID-19 seemingly surging whilst I type this, I have decided to write this piece instead to introduce you to a product costing just a couple of Euros per treatment that got me banned from Youtube. This happened after I cured my 12 year old granddaughter in 24 hours from a recurring ear infection that doctors failed to cure despite multiple rounds of gut-damaging antibiotics.

Before I discuss this product, (which can cure COVID-19 in less than 48 hours), it is important to understand why, even after successful human trials 20 years ago and the adoption of this now ‘officially sanctioned’ supplement in the food and water supply industry, used in hospitals to purify blood bags for transfusion, adoption by Bolivia for treatment of COVID-19, as well as hundreds of testimonials already posted online from patients cured of COVID using this, to understand why this is not being generally adopted, tested and approved for the general population.
This biggest medical breakthrough in the last 100 years would cost the big Pharmaceutical Industry so much money it could threaten the very way our health care is delivered; in other words…..MONEY!

Let me explain:

We all believe (or want to believe) what we are told!
When we were growing up, some of us may remember TV adverts:
More doctors smoke Camel cigarettes than any other brand!
A ‘low fat’ diet was the answer to obesity. (Now proven to be fundamentally flawed.)

Butter was good, then bad, then good.

Eggs would kill you from salmonella and then they were good.
DDT insecticide was safe! (Now banned globally.)
Round-Up Ready (Glyphosate) insecticide was all the rage and sprayed on our non organic fresh produce. (Thanks to numerous law suits this is now banned in several countries for causing terrible damage to the population.) These countries have classified it as a ‘probable human carcinogen’
At the start of the Covid crisis we were told ‘not to bother with masks’ as they offer no protection. Now if we don’t wear one we are fined!

We took antibiotics, but now we know these have a long-term negative outcome and it can take years to recover a normal immune function.
‘Meat is healthy’, but World Health Organisation classes some meat products as a ‘Class 1 carcinogen’ in the same category as ‘Asbestos’ which we were told once was also safe!

We were all given fillings in our youth filled with mercury!
Anyone remember Thalidomide for morning sickness?

The truth is not always clear where there is an agenda for ‘profiteering’.
Ever year hundreds of billions of prescription drugs are administered to diseased patients by well-meaning doctors in the hope of curing a condition when at best the outcome is management of that disease, but at worst the drugs according to the warnings could cause a huge range of organ-degradation as well as other side-effects. We rarely ever question or even look at these warnings in detail as we never see any real ‘alternative’ to the health challenge we face and surely the well-meaning trained ‘professional’ doctor knows best!

In a study done at Harvard University they wrote “Few people know that new prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of causing serious reactions (or even death) after they have been approved. That is why expert physicians recommend not taking new drugs for at least five years.”

The Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics writes:
“Over the past 35 years, patients have suffered from a largely hidden epidemic of side-effects from drugs that usually have few offsetting benefits. The pharmaceutical industry has corrupted the practice of medicine through its influence over what drugs are developed, how they are tested and how medical knowledge is created. Since 1906, heavy commercial influence has compromised Congressional legislation to protect the public from unsafe drugs.”

Sadly, our doctors have very limited resources at their disposal to correctly diagnose and cure disease. The teaching hospitals are funded by pharmaceutical companies who naturally advise and teach students about which prescription drugs can alleviate symptoms of a problem.

The vaccine business is creating hundreds of billions of dollars globally and we have never seen so much disease and vaccine compensation from death and injury. Since 2013 according to public records, compensation injury claims have paid out over 229 million dollars each year and this year is set to be the highest yet.

We are told we must have a vaccine for COVID-19, but many people I have spoken to will not be running to get a dose any time soon. I have never had a flu shot, but was subjected to numerous vaccines as a child which I have been removing from my body over the past four years. Your doctor, as well as every media communication from official sources, will tell you “It will be safe for most people”.

Watch the film ‘Plandemic 2’ on, then decide if vaccines are for you?

Almost no dietary training is given to student doctors, further compounding a vital basic lack of knowledge of essential human nutrition. When applied correctly, simple essential nutritional control could give a better outcome than the ‘little white pill’ we are prescribed. Most of us think our nutrition is balanced and healthy, but many hundreds of people on Youtube reveal this is not the case.

‘Mind blindness’ or ‘brain washing’ is something that always happens to someone else! Anyone familiar with the Derren Brown series of shows will know that you can take a perfectly ordinary person and within a couple of days, condition that person to do something most of us would find impossible to believe!

Would you hold up a Securicor van with a gun, or push someone you barely know off the top of a tall building, or believe that the world has all but ended thanks to a meteor shower? Derren Brown proved this theory with perfectly ordinary people in just a couple of days of ‘selective suggestion’ techniques.

Perhaps the best example of ‘mind blindness’ is milk. We have all drunk this white fluid oozing from the udders of cows and contaminated with ‘acceptable’ levels of pus for most of our lives. I recently watched an episode of Gogglebox where a ‘wellness’ programme on Netflix was reviewed by the armchair critics. A man in his 40’s was trying to buy breast milk to add to his daily fitness regime. The critics were horrified at this ‘absurd’ idea, but in reality, what is more absurd than lying beneath a cow and suckling raw milk from her udders, or buying it, (same thing), or drinking human breast milk? There is nothing ‘natural’ about a human drinking cow’s milk designed to increase the weight of a baby calf by more than 1kg per day.

The composition of all animal milk is very different from our mother’s milk. This is designed to help us develop a highly effective and appropriate immune response in later life, whilst also allowing controlled growth into adulthood. Would you drink chimpanzee milk, as this is far closer chemically to the natural milk we had when weaning?

Many children and adults are ‘lactose intolerant’ and this is a clear sign that we are simply not adapted to drink fluid from the udders of animals which is designed exclusively for their own babies. Cow’s milk is not designed for our own species. This is one reason the world growth of plant-based milks has grown exponentially in the last few years. Forget what you have been told about vital ‘calcium’ rich in cows’ milk. Calcium is vital of course, but not from a cow. This is another huge area of misinformation related to our bone health for more than 50 years.

If we can control the narrative, we control everything! The story we are told is designed to achieve the desired outcome of profit. This is all around us every day from the moment we wake to the moment we switch out the light. Once the narrative is controlled, most of us will immediately acquiesce to these requests without ever really questioning the motives or reasoning behind regulations.

According to public records, 2,190 people per million died in 2017 from preventable cardio vascular related disease. At the time of writing this, 133 people per million have died from COVID-19. That is 16 times more deaths than COVID. The media however isstill remarkably quiet on this subject! Why? I do not see people panicking about dying of cardio vascular disease, but they’re certainly freaked out about the possibility of catching COVID-19!
By now you will be getting the idea that sometimes what we are told and what is reality may not always be for our own benefit, but merely a way of controlling us to behave in a way that suits the main objective of ensuring compliance and acceptance in order for the main agenda to be maintained.
Anything that could threaten this ‘control’ is publicly ridiculed, rubbished, censored, removed and this is why my highly successful Youtube channel was removed. WHY?

Woods For The Trees

How many of us have a friend or loved one that was diagnosed with cancer, treated and been given the ‘all clear’ and ‘cured’, only for the problem to return later? I would suggest that in all these cases, the symptom of the problem was cut, burned or poisoned out of the body, but the root cause of how that person became diseased in the first place was never addressed.
This is was what happened to me.

The prescription drugs and pain killers I took over years of ill health became the catalyst for the eventual return of my own cancer and eventual the realization that I was unable to ‘see the wood for the trees’.
Only by changing the way I thought about health and taking back my own control, was I able to reverse all my health challenges.

No-one ever cured a disease by taking drugs to suppress the symptom of that disease.

Simple ‘blood pressure medication’, whilst usually effective controlling high blood pressure, is not addressing the reason why your body’s inherent and perfectly normal intelligent physiological response to general inflammation, is to ‘increase’ its blood pressure. This response is compensating for a wide range of health issues that could result from a ‘normal’ blood pressure when flow is restricted. Vital oxygen and nutrients (especially cholesterol) do not reach vital organs, especially the brain and if this organ gets starved of these vital components, mental health could also be affected.

If your blood pressure has risen over time, why is this? Could the arteries have become narrowed? If so, what has caused this? How many vets do you know get a blood pressure machine out the moment your dog get sick?
This obsession with ‘medication’ for everything in the human world is money driven by ‘Big Pharma’. What we should do is be aware of changes in our body; listen to the signals it is giving us. Pain, lumps, recurrent infections, mood swings, stress, weight gain, changes in bowel behaviour, energy levels, sleep patterns, high cholesterol and blood pressure changes are just a few of the obvious signs to consider starting a programme that will help the body to re-balance itself (homeostasis). This may mean cutting out certain food groups, whilst adding others, eliminating a build-up of toxins and debris caused by dependence and addictions to things that may have harmed us over time.

In this instant ‘fix’ and ‘communication’ culture, trying to recover from a systemic disease through detoxification and improved nutrition may seem like a huge hill to climb, with the inevitable withdrawal of things that we know may not have been the best options for us longer term. In my case, within 3 weeks I had reversed my own terminal diagnosis. 3 weeks later my cancer marker was down by over 70%!

Not everyone will have the same outcome, but I hit this with everything I had! There is nothing like looking down the barrel of your own demise to focus the mind on what needs to be done. Four years on, I LOVE my new lifestyle and would never go back to what I used to do. Could you do the same?

Next month I plan to reveal a product that I do not sell, have no profit in highlighting, but that has been proven in hundreds of testimonials to cure COVID-19 in less than 24 hours if caught early and 48 hours if more advanced. It can also eliminate the use and need for antibiotics as well as reversing many known diseases. My partner, my daughter and I use this every day. Why is this not generally known – censorship, profiteering and patents are the answer.

My daughter lost her peripheral vision before trauma surgery, but an incredibly brilliant surgeon was able to remove a brain tumour the size of a golf ball affecting her vision. The radiation that followed and the damage from the tumour meant she was told her neuro pathways relating to her peripheral vision was permanent and she would never drive again. 3 months after using this cheap product she got her vision back! The doctors could not believe what had happened and did a full scan. Not only is all the brain cancer gone, but all those neuro pathways damaged by the tumour, its removal and subsequent radiation, have now returned to life. They said “This has never happened before.” Thanks to the genius of her surgeon in its careful removal and despite the radiation damage, her body had the tools to repair itself. She has now been passed fit to drive again.

When I reversed all my own health challenges through natural means, my only objective was to share this knowledge in the hope of helping others.
I have never asked for any payment or consideration.
I have no affiliation or commission from any suggestions or product I use or suggest.

My only reward is to see people get better through natural, gentle and healthy ways. We need to give our body the ammunition it needs to heal. The best kept secret in medicine is that given the right nutrition and eliminating toxins, our body can actually ‘heal itself’!

If you cannot wait until next month to learn about this ‘dirt cheap’ product, email me for more information. I am not a doctor. I have had no medical background or experience in medicine and cannot give any advice. I can however tell you what I and others have done to reverse COVID-19 and a host of other diseases.

What you decide to do now is entirely your own choice.
Andy Hurrell –