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Why corrupt and fake information on mainstream media continues about Chlorine Dioxide we spoke about last month.

Countless independent non-sponsored studies (email me about these) has proven this is safe and efficacious in humans and has been used for over 100 years.

There has not been one single documented case of death as a result of normal ingestion of Chlorine Dioxide, which is why it is safely licensed for hospital and food and water supplies; similar to alcohol, which can also cause nausea, a ‘single’ glass of wine per day has been shown to have health benefits.

Inhaling water will cause drowning, yet we must have this to survive. Too much water if drunk can kill you, but again we MUST have water to survive. It is all about balance, as overdoing anything is altering the fundamental principles of balance we must have for vitality and health.

When my YouTube channel was banned in July 19, this is what I gave my own 12 year old granddaughter to cure her from an ear infection after no doctor could with antibiotics.

How Does Chlorine Dioxide Work In The Body?

Lactic acidosis refers to lactic acid build-up in the bloodstream. Lactic acid is produced when oxygen levels become low in cells where metabolism takes place. As we age and move less, this can lead to a wide range of disease states.

What if we could supply oxygen through a process of oxidation?

Chlorine Dioxide works through a process of oxidation.

What is Oxidation?

Our body and our cells obtain their energy from a process of ‘combustion’. This combustion or ‘oxidation’ provides us with energy thanks to the mitochondria of which there are hundreds contained within each cell of our body.  Despite being small they are a powerful energy source producing a current of electricity that is capable of communicating with the billions of other mitochondria in adjacent as well as distant cells.  This provides vital information about the state of the body and what needs to be done to optimize your body’s health. Similar to a fire you are trying to light, the process is enhanced by waving oxygen at the fire, or oxygen being increased by opening the vents. When we move, we increase oxygen levels and improve ‘combustion’.

This is a factor in diabetes.

Inactivity can mean our cellular oxygen levels are so low that we cannot burn the sugar load and the cells can become resistant to the continual bombardment of Insulin desperately trying to get more sugar into the cells. These are no longer combusting cleanly. This is the start of Insulin-resistance in the cells.

If we mix Sodium Chlorite and Hydrochloric Acid (stomach acid) together and we get Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2 – essentially 1 atom of chlorine and 2 atoms of oxygen). We must be clear not to confuse products like Domestos (pure bleach) with Chlorine Dioxide.  The chlorine we use for swimming pools is different again and has a chemical formula of NaCLO.   It has an electrical charge much higher of 1.36 volts, while Chlorine Dioxide is 0.93 volts. This is one of two vital factors that make Chlorine Dioxide so effective at helping to rid the body of disease.

The sun has a bleaching effect, as do vodka and lemon juice, but although all these can ‘bleach’, the mechanism of action is different in all cases. We need to understand that not all types of bleach are created equally. We must have oxygen to survive and two atoms of oxygen are delivered into our blood when we ingest Chlorine Dioxide. This is the fundamental difference compared to elemental bleach with just one atom of oxygen. When you combine this with its potential energy, it rapidly has an oxygenation effect within the body and can clearly be seen in a video on Brighteon.com – then type in ‘thehiddentruth Trump bleach’. If you are reading online use this link Andreas Kalcker talks about Chlorine Dioxide breakthrough after Trump says use bleach.  This interview with Andrea Kalcker is a ‘must watch’ video to understand how this process works to help reverse nearly all disease states.

Ageing Is Helped By Chlorine Dioxide …. Why?

Since Chlorine Dioxide works through a process of oxidation, it allows better combustion to occur. This restores poorly performing mitochondria function usually due to ageing and allows those vital communication pathways to light up again like a Christmas tree, allowing the communication and signaling necessary for the body to begin detecting and repairing operations that as we age can naturally slow to a crawl. How many of us remember as a child recovering from injury or infection in a few short days, compared to now where they can linger for weeks and sometimes months due to poor signaling and blocked communication pathways?

The reason we highlighted earlier the ‘voltage’ is because Chlorine Dioxide works slightly below the voltage range native to our body. Chlorine on the other hand is far higher and would eliminate healthy cellular structures, whilst eliminating unhealthy cells so toxic die-off would be a massive process causing sickness, vomiting, diarrhea and even death if continued.

The correct dosing of Chlorine Dioxide works in harmony in the body allowing increased oxygen levels to combust waste material correctly, whilst helping to restore poorly supplied oxygen to those vital energy sources the mitochondria that need this help.

Acid areas by definition work at a lower voltage and these are viruses, bad bacteria and pathogens, which are destroyed on contact with Chlorine Dioxide, but healthy cells operating at a normal range are not affected.

Chlorine Dioxide is the tool that allows the body to breath and combust cleanly again whilst restoring proper signaling and communication pathways to enhance restoration naturally. 

Trump and His Outburst About Disinfectant 

When Trump made his clumsy ‘disinfectant’ remark, he was recalling a ton of emails, letters and social media feeds from consumers about Chlorine Dioxide being the answer to COVID-19. His ill-planned outburst was of course immediately rejected out of hand by his medical advisors all linked to the big pharmaceutical companies.


Just go to mmstestimonials.co (not .com) and you can read the hundreds of testimonials from people who not only cured their infections, including COVID-19, in just a few hours, but it covers just about every disease state (including mental illnesses) that can also be helped. This dedicated testimonial website also contains a ton of information on other diseases it can reverse and the testimonies here (along with my own, my partner’s and my daughter’s) are compelling.

The video referred to above clearly demonstrates how CLO2 reverses the problem of hypoxia (lack of oxygen) delivered to the blood in COVID-19 patients.  This eliminates the need for the ventilator which fails to address the problem of oxygenating the blood when it becomes sticky and coagulates through lack of oxygen. Prolonged oxygen deprivation and poor combustion that results in our cells, can cause (along with other problems) dangerous DNA changes which could lead to cancer growth.

What if we could increase that oxygen supply?

When we exercise, we need more oxygen to fuel our body. We breathe harder to maintain this higher required intake of oxygen. This is why fitness experts understand the importance of exercise. Oxygen is crucial as it sets off a chain reaction in our body to help purify and purge our body of toxic waste. Why and how this happens is essentially in the mitochondria. This is why Chlorine Dioxide can be so beneficial to the human body. This is also how my daughter was able to restore her peripheral vision 3 months after her doctors had removed a brain tumour. She was also told that after radiation treatment she would not get her vision back. She is now able to drive again!

This is why my channel (along with hundreds of other up loaders) were removed. 

A cure for Malaria was found in 2013, but suppressed!

In 2013 Jim Humble, the pioneer who discovered that Chlorine Dioxide could cure Malaria in just hours, went with his team and the Red Cross to a field hospital in Africa to carry out clinical trials on people who tested positive. Of the 154 patients who were treated, all of them were cured and tested negative after 48 hours! The fallout from this video evidence was huge! Once the ‘big’ Pharmaceuticals became aware of this, they put huge pressure on the Red Cross to deny it ever happened and that it was ‘staged’ as a stunt. Watch the 25 minute video yourself and you can clearly see this is not the case. Since this cure for Malaria was discovered, millions of poor African children have died needlessly from this horrible disease and the pharmaceutical companies have effectively created genocide by attempting to cover up this video and the results obtained.

Go to Brighteon.com and type in ‘the hidden truth about chlorine dioxide’.

Big Pharma do have many helpful drugs, especially in trauma care.  These can manage a huge range of problems, but the profits are ring-fenced by the association with the mainstream media to ensure that things like Chlorine Dioxide and its ability to reverse almost all mainstream diseases when combined with a detoxification protocol are concealed and publicly ridiculed. 

We have a ‘wonderful’ vaccine, but this is a whole other area that I will not get into now!

Over the 15 years since launching Chlorine Dioxide, there are now over one million users!

After its discovery in 2012 as a ‘medicine’ by Jim Humble, the huge numbers of testimonials, the scientific research freely available (email me), as well as recent adoption by the Bolivian government, it is only a question of time before people like you reading this, try it and spread the word to threaten the dominance of Big Pharma over our lives and health management.

Watch the video ‘Quantum leap’ on Brighteon.com platform (not on my own channel), which tells the story of Chlorine Dioxide. It also has some wonderful testimonials of a range of people who were able to cure life-threatening diseases that mainstream medical care failed to do.

All the uses are described in the books I have on Chlorine Dioxide uses. If you only buy one book, it should be ‘Forbidden Health’ by Andreas Kalcker.

If you need more information on this, please read the book, or email if you cannot find the answer to a specific question. 

These articles are merely a truthful account of my own journey back to health, so any decision to use Chlorine Dioxide to reverse disease your own health challenges will be entirely your own. I have no agenda and all my input is free and has no affiliation or financial interest with any company or agent. I am simply trying to help others achieve the same turnaround in their own health challenges that I and many others have experienced. 

Email me if you would like a link to where to buy the product online in Spain.

I am not a doctor and have no medical background or training, so you too have the tools and an opportunity to go down the more natural path to ‘Wellville’ and step out of ‘Hellville’ like I chose to do.