The plant of the month is the Cyclamen, a winter plant that is very pretty with many different colours. It is an ideal plant to give as a present, especially for St Valentine’s Day as it takes very little care and will continue flowering for many weeks.

plant of the month IMG 8202Very easy to care for, the Cyclamen is a bulb, so it needs little water and should be watered from underneath if possible. Sometimes you can enjoy one of those with perfume, usually the purple variety. The Cyclamen perfume is marvellous, but only some plants have this scent.

When the Cyclamen flower has finished, it is better to remove the seed as well because it takes all the energy from the plant.

Put universal feed in powder form mixed with the water once a week, (1 gram for 1 litre like all plants), or if the compost is wet, wait until you are due to water the plant to put in the feed.
When the summer arrives the Cyclamen plant will be finished, but like all bulbs, just keep without watering and it will come back next season. You then need to start to water again. During this time you can give a little bit of water, but not very often.

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