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With the 2018 cruise season for Cartagena not expected to commence until later this month, P & O Cruise Line’s ‘Oceana’ is due on 16th March.

Commenting on a previous cruise I was fortunate enough to take on 1st November 2014 from Valencia, we visited a number of ports within the Adriatic which included Venice; one city that must be seen to be believed.

The pictures gives an indication of sites within Venice City that are well known, but as seen by myself.  They include one of a typical 2-berth balcony cabin. This has been prepared with an extra bed, thus able to accommodate 4 persons.

Our cruise ship, ‘Grand Celebration’, at the time was operated by Spanish Cruise Line IBERO, a company not now operating vessels, was transferred from Mediterranean Waters to a Florida base.  Still at sea, currently operated by a company with the grand title, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line sails from West Palm Beach, offering short sea cruises to The Bahamas.

When with Ibero, ‘Grand Celebration’ operated alongside twin sister ‘Grand Holiday’, now renamed ‘Magellan’ and one of 5 ships  operated by UK based CMV Cruises.

The company’s ships offer departures mainly from the UK with ‘Magellan’ in particular offering boarding opportunities at Amsterdam, Newcastle upon Tyne, Dundee, Liverpool, Dublin, Bristol, Cobh and Rotterdam during the 2018 season.

I will give further information on this Line at a later date which may be of general interest, due to the various departure ports offered by all 5 vessels offering short to much longer cruises.