Hello everyone. My name is Corinne and welcome to the first article I bring you on behalf of The Beauty Palace, Camposol B, Mazarrón. 

The Beauty Palace is a well-established Hair & Beauty Salon and a truly one stop unisex venue for all things hair, beauty and wellness. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments and proudly host the only ‘on premises’ Spa with Sauna, Steam Room & Jacuzzi in the area. 

For those of you who don’t know me, I have been working for over 26 years as a Beauty & Massage Therapist in several salons in Spain and the UK, as well as previously having my own business (Beauty by the Golf for 3 years). I am now back at The Beauty Palace, working with the best team of professionals in the area. 

My industry studies and qualifications include IHBC (International Health and Beauty Certificate Diploma) in Make-up & Manicure, a Beauty Specialist Diploma and Massage & Body Treatment including Aromatherapy.  I also have diplomas in Nail Technician, Acrylic and Gel, as well as Fiberglass Nails and I have completed Reiki 1 & 2.  

Having just completed my Reflexology Hot Stones Diploma for hands and feet I am covering this in this month’s issue (both as a reflexology treatment and a massage treatment), explaining the huge benefits that can be gained from this, physically, mentally and emotionally. Although this treatment is different from Hot Stones Massage, it works in the same way, but I work on the Meridian lines (reflex points on the body). 

I hope you enjoy reading my column each month and please don’t hesitate to contact me by telephone or via email to costacalidachronicle@gmail.com with any feedback, information you may require, or ideas on what topics you would like me to cover in the future. Until next month…… 


Reflexology With Hot Stones 

Reflexology is a systematic practice of applying pressure to specific points on the body.  It recognises that parts of the body are interconnected and Reflexology can restore the body’s natural balance. Experts use Reflexology to detect some problems in the body. When patients become aware of conditions uncovered through this process, they will often seek further treatment. 

Hot Stones Reflexology incorporates the use of smooth, flat heated balsalt rocks (a volcanic rock type) which range from small to large. These special stones tend to be naturally smoothed by the movement of the river or seawater over a period of time. They are used by the therapist with specific purpose to stimulate reflex points found around the body, especially on the feet and lower legs. 

Balsalt stones are chosen to administer Hot Stones Reflexology because they retain heat well and they are believed to have nurturing, cleansing and healing effects on the body. Hot Stones therapy is also referred to as ‘thermotherapy’.

The Balsalt stones are sterilized and warmed in water and the specialist will either place them on specific area of the body or hold them during the massage. 

The Benefits of Hot Stones Massage. 

The use of Hot Stones in massage has many advantages.  These include the following:


Helps with muscle tension and spasms, back pain, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders and menstrual pains!


Relieves problems related to insomnia and improves memory and overall mental health.


Relieves depression, anxiety, stress and improves mood.

It can also improve cardiovascular health, joint flexibility, circulation and immunity. 

Everyone can benefit from Reflexology from the elderly, to people with chronic levels of pain, people with anxiety, people with arthritis and those with fibromyalgia. 

There is always a health check form to fill in before any treatment in the salon and it is very important to complete it correctly, mentioning any underlying illness such as Diabetes or advising if you may be pregnant. 

For more information about Reflexology and Hot Stones Reflexology, call into The Beauty Palace, Camposol B or call 968 971 828 and ask for Corinne.