Hello everyone

This month I’m talking about Hopi Ear Candles!

Hopi Ear Candling is a non-invasive holistic treatment that promotes physical and mental health by relieving pressure and congestion in the ear canal. The practice, also known as Ear Coning, has been used for thousands of years and is regaining popularity now as an alternative to medical intervention.

Hopi Candles are straw-like tubes made from cotton soaked in bees’ wax. They can be infused with natural herbs and minerals that help aid the healing process.

Hopi Candles are very safe to use. The client must fill in a form, with full history of any medical issues with the ears, infections, inflammation or operations. If answering ‘yes’ to any of the above then it’s not recommended. This is not a treatment if you have any major problems with your ears such as infections or ringing in your ears (Tinnitus), or any balance problems. Instead you must seek medical attention!

As with all treatments, only a trained therapist must perform the treatment of Hopi Candles. The Candles have a protection ear cover at the end of the candle that gently goes into the client’s ear – about 1¼ cm! Then the Candle is lit and it creates a vacuum to gently draw any impurities and stubborn wax out of the ears! Hopi Candles works as a principal of gently warming and softening the wax, drawing it away from the side of the ear canal. The chimney effect, created inside the hollow candle as it burns, creates a small amount of pressure that draws wax and impurities towards the entrance of the ear!

Hopi Candling is suitable for adults and elderly people with no history of ear problems or damage to the ear drums!

This treatment helps clients who have difficulty getting rid of wax and sometimes are hard of hearing due to the stubborn wax. Great results are gained using the Hopi Candles. Clients will notice a vast improvement of hearing and general well-being, as it also helps with nasal congestion, headaches and problems with sinuses.

The treatment is given in a relaxing room with aromatherapy oils in the air and music to relax the mind and enjoy the treatment! The treatment takes between 20-25 minutes and is 13€ for both ears during the month of October.

For more information about Hopi Candles or any other treatments you may be interested in, please call The Beauty Palace, Camposol B on 968 971 828 and ask for Corinne or Yoli

Until next month, enjoy October, as it won’t be long before we’re all in a fluster over Christmas looming and the stress it brings to many!