Hi everyone. Now that the rain is behind us we are starting to look forward to Summer! This includes getting our bodies prepared for warmer weather, with a little bit of sun and of course sun protection.

Photo by Diana Light from Pexels
Photo by Diana Light from Pexels

Firstly exfoliating our skin plays a very important role in keeping our skin looking youthful ,moist and rehydrated as well as feeling good to touch!

Benefits of Exfoliating;

Removes dead skin cells

Refreshes your skins appearance (skin looks brighter and smoother)

Clears any blemishes

Reduces stress!  All impurities removed to lymph ,body feels detoxed.

Improvement of blood flow: fresh blood supply to all areas of the body!


Our skin should be exfoliated at least a couple of times a week for maximum benefits and a healthy look.

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, so looking after it is very important.  The skin protects our bodies from damage to our organs, so why not treat it well and look after it?

If we don’t exfoliate, a build up of dead skin could result in dry, dull, patchy, flaky skin, with possible blocked pores!

8070651 © Mikhail Dudarev | Dreamstime.com
8070651 © Mikhail Dudarev | Dreamstime.com

Moisturising should also be part of your regime, especially after a body scrub or exfoliation as this helps replenish any moisture loss from exfoliating,

Procedure for exfoliating:

Make sure you buy a product that is suitable for your skin, always check ingredients in products just in case you are allergic to anything!

Apply a small amount of water on your buffer or loofah and then add your exfoliating products of choice (these products will have a small amount of pumice added that feels a bit gritty). Starting with your arms use circular motions with your loofah or even using a brush (if using a brush make short light strokes). Exfoliate each area for about 30 seconds, then rinse off with lukewarm water. Then move on to the next body part. I always find I start with my arms, then chest, then stomach, moving down towards my legs, and finally when doing your back you need to get your partner or a friend involved.

For anyone that has sensitive skin, use a gentle buffer and a product not too coarse.

Exfoliating is suitable for all ages from 14 onwards – with a younger skin it will help balance and draw out any breakouts such as blackheads and spots!

Sun protection products

There are vast amounts of sun protection products on the market, suitable for all skin types, young and old

Starting at an early age is very important to protect our skins against UVA and UVB rays emitted from the sun. As well as making you feel well and relaxed, the sun gives your body Vitamin D, which helps regulate amounts of calcium and phosphate in the body! These nutrients are needed to keep our bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Small amounts of UV light is important specially in the Winter months (Always use sun protection in both Summer and Winter)

Sun protection factor or (SPF) is a measure of how much solar energy or radiation is required to cause sunburn on protected skin.  SPF allows a certain amount of solar energy or radiation to hit the skin. For example SPF 30 allows 3% of UVB rays to hit your skin, other factors such as SPF 50 only allow 2%. Even if you  are only in the sun a small amount of time, SPF is important to prevent long term damage, premature ageing and dry dehydrated skin, as well as skin cancers!

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Have an amazing Summer and remember to look after and protect your skins!!!