Hi everyone. I hope you all enjoyed Valentine’s Day and are looking forward to the warmer weather that hopefully March will bring us

This month’s topic is Facials and an explanation to all the benefits and different treatments available at The Beauty Palace.

There are 4 Facials now available to choose from with us, something to suit all skin types 

Luxury Facial. This is a hands on Facial, starting with a deep cleanse, tone and exfoliation, then a facial massage for 15 minutes which tones and detoxes the muscles followed by another cleansing, a steam for 10 minutes to open and remove any impurities, and finishing this relaxing treatment with a tailor made mask to clients skin type. 

This Facial is a great pick me up for tired, dry or even oily skin and the whole treatment helps detox, firm and tone, bringing a new lease of life back to your face and neck. Recommended every 4- 6 weeks for maximum benefit.

Microdermabrasion Facial

This is a cosmetic procedure using fine crystals together with a vacuum to remove impurities and dead skin cells and can be used on the face, neck, chest and back. The aim of this treatment is to reduce fine lines, minor scars, wrinkles and age spots, as well as making the skin smoother and younger looking.

The benefits of Microdermabrasion is a safe and effective way of ridding the skin of impurities, using exfoliating crystals which are very fine and won’t cause any damage as they gently remove stubborn black or white heads.  Suitable for all skin types.

The results can last up to 4 weeks, and it’s advisable not to go in to the sun for 24 hours after the treatment and then ensure sun protection is used.

Derma lift or non surgical face lift

This treatment combines an invasive and non surgical procedure, with a machine designed to rejuvenate and refresh the appearance of the face and neck. This treatment does not require any incisions, it’s safe and non painful and uses an electronical safe current, stimulating all facial muscles and neck, toning and firming sagging skin. It is a mini workout for the muscles in the face bringing a fresh supply of blood, and nourishes the skin. Results are seen straight away, although a course of 10 is recommended to see better results, followed by a maintenance treatment  once a month. This Facial is ideal for special occasions and as a great pick me up!!

Derma Pen

This Special pen is used for fine lines and wrinkles! The treatment stimulates collagen and repairs the skin, also smooths and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, helps the face look youthful and even pores size that have become enlarged over time appear reduced!

Other benefits of Derma Pen is that it targets, treats and corrects many different skin types. This treatment will improve problematic skin issues on the face and body and help with damage from over exposure to the sun, as well as tightening the skin, and reducing scars from acne.

This treatment is recommended once per month.

All our Facials can be done as a one off or as a course of 10.  If taking the course of 10, the last treatment is totally free! For more information please call The Beauty Palace on 968 971 828.

During March The Beauty Palace has many different packages available forUK Mother’s Day and Spanish Father’s Day so pop in or call us now to find out more about our discounts and options