Hi everyone

This month’s topic is about the benefits of Hydrotherapy for all ages, especially for those suffering from illness and pain! 

is the use of water in treatments for different conditions including arthritis and related rheumatic ailments.

Hydrotherapy differs from just swimming because it involves special exercises that can be done in warm water. The temperature is usually 33-36ºC which is a lot warmer than a typical swimming pool. 

Hydrotherapy is different from Aqua Aerobics, which tends to be strenuous!  It focuses on slow controlled movements and relaxations! 

Spa therapy is based on the theory that the mineral content of the spa water has special health giving properties. In many European Countries, Hydrotherapy often takes place in spa water. Although there is some research that suggests the mineral content of the water may make a difference. Other studies show that Hydrotherapy has significant benefits regardless of the water used. 

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for arthritis!  Regardless of how many of your joints are affected, the warmth of the water allows your muscles to relax and eases the pain in your joints, helping you to exercise in the warm water. The water supports your weight, which helps to relieve pain and increases the range of movements to your joints. The water can be used to provide resistance to moving your joints. By pushing your arms and legs against the water, you can also improve your muscle strength. The exercise and the warmth of the water may make you feel tired after treatment of Hydrotherapy, but this is quite normal. Hydrotherapy is one of the safest treatments for arthritis and back pain.

The Beauty Palace has spa facilities. This is not Hydrotherapy, but they do have their own Jacuzzi which can help with relaxation of muscles and reduces swelling as the heat widens blood vessels which sends nutrient-rich blood throughout your body. The warm bubbly water also eases aches and pains which helps conditions like arthritis, lower back pain and fibromyalgia!

The special infrared sauna helps with pain relief as well as all the above benefits of the Jacuzzi. Infrared works at a deeper level for pain and eases tight muscles.

This month’s offer is the use of all the spa facilities for 1 hour at only 13€ per person. However, this is discounted further for groups, at just 29€ for 3 people including a glass of cava each. Why not go for pure indulgence and combine it with a massage, facial or reflexology treatment?

Hydrotherapy sessions are available through your Medical Centre and Physiotherapists. 

For further information or to book your discounted treatment in July, please call The Beauty Palace on 968 971 828