Firstly I would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year! This January we are talking Detox and getting rid of those kilos we all put on over the Christmas period!

Pressotherapy is a unique treatment that incorporates massage together with a heat treatment of infrared which helps with pain relief, aching muscles and arthritis as well as all other general pain.  It also helps with Detoxification and lymphatic drainage. This amazing machine helps with the removal of all toxins and fluid build-up within the body, helping the body to lose weight too!! The machine works by massage – by inflating, then gently massaging the body in waves, together with the infrared treatment. This in turn moves all toxins and fluid build-up generally through the lymphatic system, where it rids the body of waste and toxins. 

This type of treatment can help with weight loss and general health, because of the elimination of fluid build-up in the body. If you want to lose weight, a minimum of 4 treatments a month is often recommended, together with healthy eating. 

Pressotherapy is scientifically proven to enhance and improve your general body profile. It can also help with unwanted cellulite and reduction of fat deposits. A typical session will last 30-45 minutes, normally combined with a body wrap, which again helps with Detoxification and fluid retention. The machine targets area such as stomach, legs and arms and the treatment generally starts by massage using a built-in infrared treatment. You will feel very relaxed, but also as this treatment helps with pain relief, lots of our clients who have crippling illness such as Arthritis and Fibromyalgia come to use this machine and says it truly helps with all pain relief!! 

The Beauty Palace, Camposol B are the only salon locally that specialises in this treatment.  All our therapists are fully trained in this treatment and will offer you the very best service. 

During January we have a special offer so you can try this revolutionary treatment – a 35 minute session of Pressotherapy, together with a body wrap, for only 35€. 

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