First let me start by wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, from everyone at The Beauty Palace. I hope you had a great Christmas, but now it’s time to lose those few pounds that we all added to our waist lines!

I am talking about Detox for our bodies. You can do this in many ways and all are good for the body. Drinking lots of water is the key, with maybe at night a lemon and water to cleanse while your body is resting and of course, just as important is watching what you eat and drink

Massage and electrical massage are fantastic ways of getting rid of a lot of that extra fluid retention and is great for lymph drainage and toning. At The Beauty Palace, we have our own electronic non-invasive lipo-suction machine where the unique machine works on 4 levels:

  • A slimming programme to prepare and detox the body 
  • Detox and toning
  • Drainage, ridding the body of the build-up of toxins and lymph fluid 
  • Sculpting

The machine can be used on the stomach, back, legs and calf areas. The treatment is very gentle yet firm with all clients having to wear a full body stocking in order for the machine massage head to glide over all areas to be targeted easily. This treatment is great if you want to get rid of a few pounds and contour your body and detox those areas that hold fluids. The treatment is safe for all ages and pain free, but a full health form must be completed before commencing any treatments. This treatment is not recommended for anyone with heart conditions and people who have pacemakers, or people going through treatment for cancer. Please check with your Doctor if you are not sure! 

During January The Beauty Palace has a special offer of a 45 minute session of our non-surgical lipo-suction for just 35€. For best results we recommend 2 sessions a week. 

Don’t forget to ask for our ‘loyalty card’ offering even greater savings.

For further information, or to take advantage of this great offer, call The Beauty Palace on 968 971 828 and ask for Corinne.