Where has this year gone already? It doesn’t seem that long ago I was writing my January column and wishing you all a Happy New Year, and already we have Valentine’s Day to celebrate this month!

Our Hot Stones Massage and Reflexology have been particularly popular with our clients The Beauty Palace at Camposol and I have been asked about it a lot whilst carrying out the treatment, so I thought this month I’d give a little bit of background information and the benefits.

History of Hot Stones!

The Practice of Hot Stones therapy was present in many cultures around the World for hundreds of years. The type of Hot Stones therapy that is now prevalent in Western massage treatments is mostly derived from China.

It is also thought that Stone Massage was also founded by Spanish folk called “Curanderas” –  they used heated stones to relieve pain but also used cold stones to slow bleeding after child birth.

There are also examples in certain cultures in which women used to gain healing and strength from heated stones during Labour!

Stone Massage was also present in Ancient Greece and Rome.

What is Hot Stones Massage?

Hot Stones Massage is the use of heated Volcanic stones “Balsant Stones” – these stones are made from heated lava that are formed in to stones. The stones contain a lot of minerals such as Magnesium and Iron, that help with balance of the body. These heated volcanic stones retain their heat which helps with  illness such as arthritis, muscle pain and general aches and pain, The heat  stones help to relax and ease tense muscles as well as soft tissue that has been damaged in the body, and is suitable for everyone, and people that do a lot of fitness!

The stones are flat and round, they are used with a traditional massage, as a complement to the massage! The stones are heated in a special heated unit, with a temperature gauge, thus allowing the correct temperature for the client. These stones are placed on different parts of the body as well as being used as an extention of the therapists hands, and the hot stones are swapped over to keep the continuous heat for the client massage.

Benefits of a Hot stone Massage

Relief of aching muscles and stiff and painful joints due to Arthritis and other Muscle disease 

Relaxation of the mind, body and spirit, from the warmth of the hot stones! A feeling of calm and happiness!

Increases blood and lymph flow from the heat and massage therapy, thus allowing all nutrients and blood flow to all parts of the body, also detoxifies and rids waste from the lymphatic system allowing the body to function to full capacity.

At The Beauty Palace in February we are offering Valentine packages, with different options, offering full use of spa facilities, including jacuzzi , steam bath and infrared sauna, plus a choice of Hot Stones Massage for 45 minutes or Reflexology with Hot Stones for 45 minutes – the choice is yours for just 39.99€! 

Come with your loved one or best friend and enjoy a glass a bubbly in a beautiful calm relaxing spa area and the price is reduced to 75€ for the 2 of you. And don’t forget to ask for our Loyalty Card if you don’t have one yet, giving you even more savings.

For more information call The Beauty Palace on 968 971 828 and ask for Corinne. 

All new clients must fill in a health check form before any treatments. If you’re not sure and are undergoing any form of treatment, or regularly seeing a specialist you must check first and have written consent from your specialist.

At The Beauty Palace it is our pleasure to look after and give the full VIP treatment to all our clients!