It’s that time of the trimester where our horses, ponies and donkeys have a special visit from our barefoot farrier. All our horses have been barefoot for several years now, which means they have no shoes. Equines don’t need shoes unless they are doing an activity which implies they wear off more hoof than they would naturally do. If you ask a horse to walk on the road, the pavement or concrete, they will erode more hoof than normal, therefore they need shoes to prevent any damage, (or because of orthopaedic purposes). If they live in paddocks and only exercise in the arena or a sandy surface, there is no need for shoes. It’s actually healthier for them to be barefoot as it improves circulation. Nuria takes really good care of all of them and we learn so much from her every day!

Donkeys adopted together

Good news about the donkeys that were looking for a new home! It’s not easy to find a home for one, even more complicated to find a home for two, but luckily, they have been adopted together which was our biggest concern. Donkeys create a very strong connection or bond with each other, so it’s always important for their emotional welfare to keep them together.

We are very excited about the progress in the new ranch. Our new premises will be located in Los Muñoces – Alhama de Murcia, so very close to where we currently are. For some years now we have been trying to move the animals to a bigger site. It’s been a very long process and we have found many bumps in the road, but now it all seems to be working out. We have marked with our architects the distribution of the different paddocks where the animals will live. It’s very emotional for us to see the humongous space they will soon have to roam. We have worked so hard to get to this point, but there is still a lot to do. Building work is imminent and hopefully we will move in June.

The new land in los Muñoces

We are still running all our activities in la Costera de Alhama where we have been since 2004. We are still receiving school visits, doing our equine therapies with children with development issues and running our Cavalli Club on Saturday mornings.

If you would like to become a volunteer to help out with the animal’s care, or if you have building/gardening experience and you would like to get involved with the construction of the new ranch, please get in touch with us. Our Volunteers are a very important part of what we do every day. Without their help we would only be able to do so much. All of us together can change the lives of many more animals. Thank you so much!

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