World Animal Welfare Day is a day that Cavalli Foundation is celebrating, not only on the day but throughout the months until the end of the year.

People could ask: “Why is so much attention given to animals?  Would it not be better to organise events and raise money to help the millions of starving people suffering in this world because of wars and natural crises such as hurricanes, floods and droughts?”

Educating Children – see World Animal Welfare Day (page 22)

Every Saturday our Pony Club children will be organising discussion groups with a view to air ideas about how they can help to make the world a better place.  Since Christmas, they have followed the development of the broiler hens that were taken in by Cavalli as part of a huge rescue bid to save the lives of boxes of chicks retained by customs at Madrid airport.  The survivors have been laying eggs for a couple of months and now they are hatching and nurturing their own chicks.

Piglets, Bimba and Lola, will be the background of talks about the factory-farming of pigs in the Region of Murcia, the terrible conditions they have to live in and the dreadful way they are transported to their death.

This brings us to our horses!

Saving horses has been part of the Cavalli philosophy since long before the foundation existed.  Our horses are not just to be ridden.  Some of them, like Ecolo, would love to be ridden and gallop around as he still thinks he is a champion showjumper!  Others, such as our beautiful Pitusa, were rescued and they live with us sharing their love of life with everyone who comes to our door.  We try to teach respect, learning and friendship through our horse-riding activities.

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