We have been very lucky this summer in spite of our worst fears. There has been plenty of work and the takings have covered our enormous food and vets’ bills. Not only that, we have been able to find new professionals to help us take care of the animals such as a Chiropractor and a Physiotherapist who uses acupuncture, Bach Flowers and massage.

Communion Photo Shoot

Old activities and new ones, such as photographic sessions, have become prominent and popular as demands change to meet the new situation created by the spread of COVID-19. Our old favourite, Cowboy School, is now highlighted alongside Pony Club because it offers a solution to families that are looking for ways to occupy their children’s time in a valuable way. Cowboy School gives kids the opportunity to relate to animals in natural surroundings, learning how to care for them. They can also have help with school work and play safely in a bilingual context.

The children were able to watch a small miracle happening! Last November we took in a little brown hen. She had been bred as a poulard for Christmas dinner. What you may not know is that a poulard is a young chicken that has been spayed and so cannot lay eggs. Our hen, Luisa, was brought to us by the farmer because she had started laying eggs. Since then she’s lived with the horses and with Nevado, the cockerel that recovered from pneumonia and she laid one egg a day until she got broody. Pony Club kids watched two of Luisa’s eggs hatching! Luisa unfortunately is lacking in maternal instincts, but one of her chicks has survived. Now, if that isn’t a miracle, what is??

Early Learning Therapy Session

Season 4 of Horse Assisted Therapy is on the cards for 12 children from Alhama Social Services Early Learning Development section and shortly our Valkyria Project will be starting for women who have suffered gender related violence.

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Luisa & Chickpea

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