Horse Rescued from Slaughter House
Horse Rescued from Slaughter House

We received word of an urgent rescue, a lovely chestnut 18 year-old gelding that was on its way to the slaughter house. He’s safe for the time being, but is in urgent need of a loving forever home. This beautiful fella’ is lame in his front end; the result of his show jumping career.  The photo doesn’t do him justice!  Enough to say that he deserves a happy retirement after a life dedicated to competition. Let’s give this boy the chance to live out his mature years in the best way possible.

Kitten found in Cavalli Hayshed

In the early hours, Cavalli was woken by a kitten crying.  Volunteer Karina went out and found this little furball in the hay shed.  During the morning the girls went down to check the bushes and the entrance for more kittens.  What they did find was a dead cat on the main road just by the turn into the centre.  Maybe mummy cat was moving the litter, managed to hide one safely and got hit by a car on the way back for the rest of her brood.  We will keep our eyes peeled for survivors.

Sandie in Veterinary Hospital
Sandie in Veterinary Hospital

A life was saved, but another, dearly loved by all at Cavalli, is hanging on by sheer determination.  Our little Sandie was mauled by a big dog lurking in the lemon orchard.  How could it happen you may well ask yourselves?  Reina took Sandie out for a walk.  Not thinking she was in any danger, Reina let her off the leash.  Sandie then disappeared amongst the trees.  When she came back, answering Reina’s call, she was covered in blood and dragging her back leg. Today she is in the veterinary hospital.  The head of the femur has been completely ripped out of its socket and an operation will be needed, but first the vet has to heal Sandie’s wounds before she can operate on her with certainty that she will pull through. Poor little Sandie will have to wait two weeks for her surgery. We’re all sending positive energy to Sandie and praying for a positive outcome.

This month our fundraising will go to pay for Sandie’s veterinary treatment – Concept. Sandie’s surgery – so if anyone would like to donate to her lifesaving treatment we would be truly grateful.

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