Cavalli Day Care

October is always a special month at Cavalli Foundation and this year was no different with Half Term Activities, Camps, Halloween and Birthday Parties. However, a new activity or service that is becoming more popular because of the effects of COVID restrictions on families with small children and directly on the children themselves, is Cavalli Day Care for children who still can’t go back to school or who haven’t been able to start yet.

We’ve all heard or read about the psychological damage COVID isolation can cause, especially in babies and small children. Cavalli Day Care aims to give children the chance to enjoy freedom in the open air in the company of other children and our animals; freedom to play, to run, to jump and to be children. Here they can safely spend a whole morning learning new skills whilst parents go to work without the worry of abandoning their youngsters to modern technology. Our animals also enjoy the attention and love they get from the kids in their care.

Luisa and Nevado happy days together

We are very lucky to have a smashing group of volunteers with us, two live-in volunteers who are determined to knock the Cavalli centre into shape and a group of English ladies who come to groom the horses, treat skin allergies and generally tidy up. It makes such a difference to the daily running of the place and it’s wonderful to see the improvement.

One day the girls went down to feed the horses and noticed a pile of brown feathers. Our little brown hen Luisa disappeared, leaving her mate Nevado all alone. Luisa was a total disaster; accident prone, always getting herself into a pickle, no notion of how a mother hen should behave, but she was a real character and Nevado was devoted to her. If anyone needs to rehome hens; perhaps because they’ve stopped laying, please get in touch as Nevado desperately needs some company.

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Cavalli live-in Volunteers,
Luisa and Jetta

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