Queen RIP
Queen RIP

We lost our amazing, playful, loving protector, Queen, shortly after lockdown started.  She kept coming to tell us she wasn’t feeling well, but a game with a ball worked wonders.

Eventually it became obvious that she was poorly so we took her into the Veterinary Hospital where, after doing tests, they told us that she had an inoperable brain tumour.  We brought her home to say “Goodbye”. Veronica cuddled her whilst the vet put her to sleep and she went off peacefully to join her friends, Cleo, Deacon and Alma. R.I.P.

Kittens with mum in their nest
Kittens with mum in their nest

As there is black and white so there is death and birth.  Queen left us and five kittens appeared in a nest in the garden next to one of our broody geese.  Mother cat is a wild one.  She has moved her kittens several times since, but they’re still hidden away somewhere in the garden.

Visit From Elderly Residents From Alhama

Veronica and Reina are using this time that they are confined and can’t carry out their usual professional activities, to plan new therapeutic and educational programmes for the 2020/2021 calendar. Their priorities are the elderly, children with different learning abilities and families that are suffering from gender related violence.

We had a visit from our local Protección Civil.  It seems that the Pedaneo, Mayor of La Costera de Alhama, was concerned that the people living in his municipality had the necessary protection from the dangers of CoVid19, so he asked the ladies who could sew to make masks for everybody.  A member of Protección Civil came to check that we were well and to give us a mask; one for each of us. Bless him!

Protective masks brought by Protección Civil
Protective masks brought by Protección Civil

This is a difficult time for everybody, especially the self-employed, charities, small business people and all of those who rely on the tourist trade who fearfully look at the calendar and hope against hope that the confinement will pass before the summer high season is upon us. Summer is our time to earn the money that will feed and care for the animals during the Winter months when trade is slack.  Of course the animals don’t know that their welfare is hanging by a thread.  They expect to eat every day whether it be summer or winter and they need treatment when they are sick – the Vet is a constant at Cavalli Foundation.

We ask you to consider a scheme that would mean very little out of your pockets and could be what saves us, what keeps the wolf from our door and assures the safety and security of our animals.  Maybe you’ve heard of it:


This is an online tool to raise funds for social causes with micro donations of 1€ a month. You could say we’re not going to get very far with 1€ and you would be right, but if we form a group with loads of Teamers then we can make beautiful projects possible.  If you would like to become a Cavalli Teamer, visit the Teaming Groups list and choose Cavalli as a social cause that you would like to collaborate with 1€ a month or go directly to www.teaming.net/manadacavalli

Click on the button ‘Join the Group’ and follow the instructions.  Teaming will charge you 1€ automatically every month and it will be sent to the cause you have chosen. It’s free of commission and you are free to stop collaborating whenever you like.

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