Things are really rocking at Cavalli Foundation.  We had a slow time just after Christmas with both Veronica and Reina ill in bed, dreadful colds. Now, however, things are in full swing again.

We were asked to find a home for the most beautiful horse, a handsome 7 year-old Hanoverian.  At his 7 years of age he had already been European Dressage Champion; little more than a baby and much too young to have been doing high level dressage exercises.  It was either find him a home or the knacker’s yard!!  On publishing the case we were immediately contacted by Lisa Claire Jones of Equitación Mariola, Bocariente, who said she could keep him running loose with her herd.  The videos we’ve seen show that he has been well accepted by her herd and that he is very happy – good job done!

School Visit - Ana Maria Matute
School Visit – Ana Maria Matute

We had a school visit – 60 primary school pupils from Ana María Matute School, who thoroughly enjoyed their morning with us learning how to ride gently and to care for horses and other animals.  Reina turned recycling into a fun adventure and all the children liked their work in the vegetable garden.

George Taking Care Of Mocca
George Taking Care Of Mocca

In the end Mocca had to have a hysterectomy.  She had been suffering from psychological pregnancies which were getting worse and causing her a lot of pain.  Although we tried introducing her to different males, (even trying artificial insemination), we couldn’t find a solution, so Veronica, following the vet’s advice and she already seems much happier; almost a different dog.

If Mocca had to have a hysterectomy, Nemo had to have the snip!  Veronica took him to his vet at the Clinica Jardin de la Seda in Murcia.  It all went very well and Nemo’s blind eye is improving.  The vet feared that she would have to take it out and stitch his eyelids but he has made such an improvement that he may be saved that procedure.

Our Crowdfunding Campaign is going great guns.  The total doesn’t seem to be moving, but that’s because of the activity offline.  A special initiative created by the Murcia University School of Tourism launched a video and a way to raise money through Bizum.  We are very grateful to them.  It’s a lovely little video on:

Another horse to rehome!

Big Boy With Lisa Claire Jones
Big Boy With Lisa Claire Jones

This is a 17 year-old gelding cross.  He is looking old and has Navicular Disease, but he’s quiet and noble. He would make an excellent companion horse, works well in hand and would be able to walk and canter in the arena – no trotting and avoiding hard stony surfaces.

We desperately need to move to our new ranch where we will have space to give these broken, unwanted horses a second chance at life.

We are still at old META Riding Centre in La Costera de Alhama.  Do come and visit us, prior appointment, or if you would like to enquire about horse-riding activities, contact us at, FB, Instagram or call us on 0034 636 172 198