Rescued Piglets - Bimba And Lola
Rescued Piglets – Bimba And Lola

After the death of Dottie, our beautiful Vietnamese pig, we missed her more than we could have imagined.  She had been with us at least 6 years and she had become an important member of the family.  In spite of everything we and the vet did for her, sepsis got into her system and eventually killed her just after Christmas.  Now, however, the Cavalli family is very happy as we were able to rescue two piglets from a litter of 20 born in Alicante, due to be euthanized. We got the call from a friend in Alicante telling us of the plight of these piglets and we of course decided to rescue at least two of them.  The very next day Veronica and Reina set off to Alicante and came back some hours later with these two adorable additions to the family.  If anyone would like to be Godfather or Godmother to Bimba and Lola, let us know.

Valkiria Project Second Edition
Valkiria Project Second Edition

Our star project, Valkiria, designed to help the women who have suffered from gender related violence, sheltered in the CAVI of Alhama, is well into its second edition.  The ten women who signed up for this therapeutic project with our horses are already showing signs of the incredible benefits given by Cavalli style horse-assisted therapy.  Although they both witnessed the amazing change in the women who took part in the first edition, Veronica and Reina can hardly believe the progress made by these women in just three sessions.  What the relationship between horses and these vulnerable women achieves, is miraculous.

Irene With Her Leg In A Cast
Irene With Her Leg In A Cast

Poor Irene, one of the broiler hens rescued from Barajas Airport around Christmas time, was accidentally trodden on by Tinker in his dash to get to his food bucket.  Veronica and Reina took her to see the vet at Tucan in Alhama where they go overboard when they get one of our strange cases in.  Irene’s leg was put in a cast, but it is now off. The break has mended, but a sore remains so Irene will be taking antibiotics until she’s well enough to join the rest of the hens and Nevado in the chicken shack.

Nevado’s Blogspot is up and running with a surprise – the raffle of a copy of Nevado’s story book.  It’s very easy to take part in the raffle; just click on ‘I like’ in the post on Cavalli Foundation Facebook page, then share the post and lastly become a follower of El Blog de Nevado (Nevado’s Blog). Fingers crossed that you will be the winner of this very special book.  Our winner will be announced on Facebook on Tuesday, 15th June.

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