In spite of Lockdown and the State of Alarm we’ve had loads going on at Cavalli Foundation:

India had an endoscopy to check out her respiratory system.  Samson had the dentist.  Then the equine physio gave his jaws a massage.  His problem was neither in his mouth nor jaws, but he couldn’t chew and swallow.  Now he’s on anti-inflammatories, painkillers, very soft food and the dentist again today; poor lad!  Ecolo is of an age when he’s losing his molars.  All three had also lost weight so Vero and Reina were quickly on top of the matter and things are better.

Veronica With Sol And Lucero
Veronica With Sol And Lucero

There is also an allergic reaction to fly and mosquito bites, especially with the donkeys, Sol and Lucero.  The herbal remedy book has been read and various potions mixed up and used.

Rescued Bird - Now Grown Up An Ready To Fly
Rescued Bird – Now Grown Up An Ready To Fly

On the rescue front, Reina has been saving fledglings falling from their nests.  She rescued two starlings.  The first one went to a bird rescue organisation within a couple of days.  The second, that thinks Reina is mum, is still here, eating worms and insects to his heart’s content and getting ready to fly.

As we felt that we were missing a dog to fill the big hole left by Queen, our hearts went out to a 2 year-old Bull Terrier cross called Lock (Leishmania positive) that can no longer be kept in foster care. We hope he can come to us, law permitting, first in foster care and if he fits in, he will join the pack.  However, if the law finds that he is a potentially dangerous dog and requires us to have him chained up or kept in an enclosure, we won’t be able to keep him in those conditions.  We want all our dogs to be free to form part of the family.

Now the situation has been relaxed and some businesses can re-open their doors, Vero and Reina have been busy cleaning, disinfecting and tidying the installations and tack.  We’re desperate to have our people back.  The horses and the dogs are down in the mouth and bored with their own company.  They can’t understand why there’s nobody around to give them hugs and strokes and to play ball.  Hopefully, by the time you read this, we’ll be up and running again.

We would like to thank all the generous people who have been donating via Bizum (telephone donation on 636 172 198), all our new Teamers and all our Sponsors, those who have taken a horse, pony or donkey under their wing and who are making sure of the health and welfare of their chosen ones.  This is all happening in a virtual world, but soon you will be able to visit, groom and make a fuss of the animals.

As we are not considered a Sports Centre that offers services to Federated Riders whose objective is to take part in competition, we can’t open up until the Official Bulletin specifically refers to our activities. We have no idea when we can work and earn some money, so more than ever, we’re calling out for people to sponsor one of our animals with a donation of 5€ a month for their food and veterinary care.  It’s very easy.  Go to our website, click on Herd and choose one of our horses, ponies or donkeys.  At the end of the text we explain how.

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Thank you all!  Stay well and stay safe! Better to be safe than sorry!