A very Happy New Year to you all.  We hope 2020 is your year of abundance and good health.  Cavalli Foundation is optimistic and full of positive energy.  Doors are opening offering new opportunities every day.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the staff of the Chronicle for their kindness, consideration and support during this and all the years we have been publishing with them. 

Our Crowdfunding Campaign is going so well with lots more fundraising events coming up, that we have managed to extend it into the New Year.

Bouncy Castle with Cavalli Team
Bouncy Castle with Cavalli Team

Pony Club Kids’ I Fundraising Fair

This was a great success.  The bright sunny morning brought loads of people out to enjoy the day and everybody had a good time. The question on everybody’s lips was: “When are you going to have another one?”

We had an amazing Bouncy Castle loaned by Animunis Animation free of charge and games such as Stick the Tail on the Donkey, Fish Little ducks, Shoot at Balloons with bow and arrow and, of course, pony rides.  The kids were assigned to the games, the Bouncy Castle, or the pony rides.  We made over 1,000€ in one short morning, but we were criticised!!  About an hour into the morning we ran out of nibbles and beers – a terrible miscalculation, but we honestly hadn’t counted on so many people coming! Next time we definitely won’t run out of beer!!

With our Crowdfunding Campaign and our plans to move to a bigger ranch, we have decided to share some of this abundance and good fortune and organise a party with gifts for children who have nothing, no home, no family and no sustenance. After talks with the Red Cross we signed an Agreement of Collaboration to organise, with the help of our Pony Club Kids, a day of integration and fun for children in their protection either because they are orphans or because they are homeless.

The horses are well fortunately, but the dogs have been in the wars.

We operated on Mocca to clear up mastitis and we sterilised Sandie, (mother of the pups we recently picked up).

Luisa at home in isolation after her op
Luisa at home in isolation after her op

Luisa the hen was attacked possibly by a fox and she was in a poor state.  We took her to the Clinica Tucan where Irene operated on her and she’s back home right as rain – in isolation to avoid infection.

Mini G. went out to the lemon orchard one morning with his mum and was savaged by a group of nasty dogs that hang around out there.  Lucky for him Veronica found him stuck in a rabbit hole where he’d gone to escape.  He had a visit to the vet’s as well.  Not so much physical injury as terror which took him a few days to recover.

Dogs For Adoption 
Left To Right Dama Chichi Sandie And Mini G
Dogs For Adoption 
Left To Right Dama Chichi Sandie And Mini G

Dogs for Adoption – all used to being with children.

Chihuahuita and Mini G. are pups and can be a bit naughty but Mini G. is playful and intelligent and would be easy to train.  Chihuahuita is more independent, small, cuddly and very sweet.

Mum, Sandie is an old girl and likes a quiet life.

Dama is bigger, very affectionate and needs to be loved.

For more information on Pony Club and family hacks 

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