Agathe Christmas
Agathe Christmas

Before all else, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and to give
a special Christmas hug to Lynne, Karen and Denise, three wonderful
volunteers who sadly can’t come to us right now because of the latest
COVID restrictions. Thank you girls!
We and all the animals miss having you around.

Pony Club Kids Learn About The Chickens
Pony Club Kids Learn About The Chickens

November brought a mixed bag of events; mostly good! There was big
excitement when we received 9 broiler chickens from an animal rescue centre called Santuario Alma Libertaria.
These chicks were from a batch of hundreds of 2 day-old chicks that
was stopped by customs at Barajas airport. Fortunately several animal
rescue organisations were able to foster them until forever homes
could be found. When they are a bit bigger they will be keeping Nevado
company. For the moment they are in the fabulous hen house prepared
for them by live-in volunteer, Luisa.

One of our geese was lame and she wouldn’t let us treat her, so we found
a vet specialising in farm animals.
He said she had a painful condition called bumblefoot, an infection that
causes inflammation in the heels of birds that perch or stand for a length
of time; parrots, budgies, hens, geese……. We treated her for a week until she was well enough to join the gaggle in the garden once more, still a bit foot-sore, but we are on the watch in case she needs surgery.

At the time of writing this article Dottie the pig was scheduled to have an operation to fix a hernia in her abdomen.
Hopefully, next month, we’ll be able to tell you that she’s back home in the garden, perfectly recovered. Fingers crossed!

Sofie, one of our little ponies, had a colic. Again the vet was called.
She’s now ‘as right as rain’ after her treatment. The holistic vet and the
dentist then both paid visits to check on our veterans. Some of the horses
are on Bach Flowers, while others are having acupuncture sessions.
Old boys, like Ecolo, receive regular attention as the few molars they have
left are loose and their food has to be prepared in such a way that they can
still chew and swallow.

Front Cover Nevado
Front Cover Nevado

Over time we’ve built up an amazing team of vets and, as you can imagine,
a mountain of vets’ bills. We have a couple of Christmas Fundraisers:
our Christmas Lottery tickets and a colourful bilingual children’s story
about the adventures of Nevado, the cock-a-doodle-doo who lost his
voice. Buy your Lottery ticket, 21631 the horse and the stick, before 22nd December.
We’re feeling lucky this year!
All the profits raised will go to maintain the health and welfare of our animals.

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