Wow!! Is it ever hot!!

Veronica With Euronics Fly Traps
Veronica With Euronics Fly Traps

Our horses are handling the heat very well; better than us in fact.

The geese have a splash around in their pool or the drinking buckets.  

The hens and the cockerels seem to be the worst off.

This heat has also brought a plague of biting flies and mosquitos so the four fly traps donated by T J Electricals, Camposol B, have been an absolute Godsend to us and our horses.

Our therapeutic projects have finished tremendously successfully and we are very grateful to the organisation Making a Difference for the very generous donation their members made to the little ones who took part in Early Horse Riding.  We must also thank the department of Social Equality of Alhama Council for the support and budgetary funds that made the second edition of Valkiria possible and gave happiness and confidence to the ladies who took part after suffering gender-related violence.  Although our projects have finished for the summer, the team is already working on new ideas to be started in the Autumn; amongst them a new project which will be presented to regional primary schools.

No Name The Cat During Her Operation
No Name The Cat During Her Operation

Our latest rescue has been a young female cat that was being fed next to the hospital rubbish bins.  She was called No Name by the bar workers at the Gallery.  However, a Cavalli volunteer noticed she had a nasty injury that needed attention.  She was taken to the vet where she had an urgent operation and all the necessary treatment.  She’s a lovely little cat, getting better as the days go by.  If anybody would like to give her a name, please do.  How can she go through life called No Name?  You can make your suggestions via Cavalli Foundation Facebook page or on the Blog 

Bimba With Cavalli Kids In Her New Pen
Bimba With Cavalli Kids In Her New Pen

Bimba and Lola, our rescued piglets, are now taking part in Cavalli’s summer activities involving children from 3-12 years old to establish a feeling of responsible ownership towards animals as part of an educational programme geared towards animal welfare.  Today’s children will be tomorrow’s adults and they will be the ones who generate the change the world needs with regards to better treatment and care of all animals.

For information about our activities keep your eyes on our website, on our Facebook page and Instagram or you can Whatsapp or call us on 00 34 636 172 198


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