The month of March was busy until we received the official recommendation to put our Therapy, Pony Club, Educational and Riding activities on hold due to the Coronavirus.  Fortunately the animals keep us on our toes and we won’t have time to get bored and we hope that this time will be fruitful and that we will be back in action as soon as possible.

Fishing Ducks

II Fundraising Fayre

16th February we had a great success and another 1,000€ in the pot.  A huge crowd showed up and the kids had a wonderful time playing typical Garden Party Games and meeting the horses and ponies, especially Lucero and Sol, who just love having people around.  The games were organised and directed by our Pony Club kids, whilst mums and dads baked and sold the most amazing brownies and cupcakes (Bob & Sheila Forsyth and Laura Hamilton),  home-made bread ‘bocadillos’, tasty savouries (David’s mum and Violeta’s mum) and the bar and coffee corner, run by Ruben from Piccadilly Coffee. Santi was in charge of face-painting and her husband, Pieter did us a beautiful painting of a horse as 1st prize in the raffle.

Lorca Red Cross Group
Lorca Red Cross Group

We had the honour of opening our doors to a group of almost 100 children and Volunteers from Lorca Red Cross.  The children were incredible; very well-behaved and appreciative of the opportunity to meet all the Cavalli Foundation animals and groom and ride the ponies.  They thoroughly enjoyed their morning with us and we are looking forward to receiving a bigger group from Murcia Red Cross in May

Mocca was in the Veterinary Hospital for 2 days hooked up to a drip.  She was very poorly and since then we’ve found her eating cling film that had wrapped meat or fish.  We don’t know where she finds it but she’s a typical Labrador with a super sense of smell and a bottomless appetite.

Lia's riding lesson on India
Lia’s riding lesson on India

Our newest and youngest little rider, 2 years and as many days old, has just said “Hasta la Vista” and gone home after a long holiday with her Grandparents.  Lia Hamilton had her first little pony ride on India last summer.  This time she had a proper riding class with Veronica and loved it.  Her two older sisters, Lois and Livvy, started riding with us three years ago.  They are now jumping; Lois with Midnight and Livvy with Ecolo.  Wow!

India had been looking a bit down-in-the-mouth and an extensive blood analysis showed an infection and her symptoms suggested chest infection or heart problems.  She’s now on a treatment of antibiotics but happily heart problems have been ruled out.  She may need a procedure to check her trachea.  In the meantime she will be enjoying a well-earned rest.

Luna with Reina during School TherapyA big round of applause for our therapy dog, Luna.  Reina, Therapy Coordinator of Cavalli Foundation and Veronica took Luna to meet the children with different learning capacities at the Open Classroom of Sierra Espuña School, Alhama.  A few mums and teachers sneaked into the classroom to see what was going on to find Luna in her element surrounded by children.

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