February was a busy month! 120 children aged 6-12 yrs from a school in Totana visited the Foundation. They got to meet all the animals that we care for and also took part in some fun activities with the horses, ponies and donkeys. The children raised some money to help our animals and they got the chance to visit, learn and spend the whole morning with them. Isn’t it amazing! We have more visits organised for the months of March and May with schools from Alhama and Lorca.

Reina showing how to groom  Lili during the School Visit

The Early Learning Therapeutic Programme that MAD – Making a Difference helped fund has now come to an end. We need to find some more support to be able to make Equine Assisted Therapy more accessible for children with special needs.

Our Holistic Vet came to treat some of our horses with acupuncture for their allergies; arthritis and RAO (recurrent airway obstruction). Paqui usually comes to the Foundation every 6 weeks to check on our horses and keep up with the treatment. It is great for our Cavalli Club pupils to get the chance to see Paqui in action.

Lois, Livy and Lia

Talking about pupils, we have received special visits from our half term pupils that come every year to take part in our activities, helping our animals. Lois, Livy and Lia found some very special eggs in blue shades from our latest rescued chickens. There is so much to learn about!

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Vero and Elena during a Therapy session with India

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