Cartagena has been the cradle of many civilisations. Throughout its history a succession of settlements have been built here, attracted by the wealth of natural resources and the strategic location. Each and every one has left behind a permanent legacy.

The history of the city began in 229AD when it was founded by the Carthaginian General, Hasdrubal who named it Qart Hadast. Later on, it enjoyed its epoch of greatest splendour under the Romans, who made it into one of their most important colonies in Spain. The Middle Ages were dominated by the Byzantines, Visigoths, Muslims and Christians. During the reigns of the Austrias and Bourbons, the City became of key defensive and military importance, named the capital of the Mediterranean Marine Department at its peak. The 19th century would be dominated by the Cantonal revolts and the mining activity which generated unexpected wealth amongst the population. In the second part of the 20th century the city enjoyed a period of economic growth, thanks to this industry and the important level of military activity. In the 1980’s a crisis in these sectors plunged the city into a deep recession from which it emerged in the last decade of the century thanks to a drive to recover the sites of historical interest and develop them for tourism and cultural purposes. In 2001 the tourism brand, “Cartagena Port of Cultures” was created, the brand embracing all the touristic and cultural legacies of the city.

Cartagena was an important and influential city and numerous archaeological sites and museums testify to the splendour of the city under both the Carthaginians and Romans. From the Roman Theatre to the Thermal Baths, visitors pass along Roman streets and by Roman homes. The footprint of Mediaeval Cartagena is also visible in the form of the Concepción Castle and the Church of Santa María.

Guided Tours of Cartagena

Defense and Attack

Walk the defensive enclaves of the most important port city of Cartagena.

Tour – Panoramic Lift, Castillo de la Concepción, Refuge Museum-Refugio de la Guerra, Tourist Boat and Fuerte de Navidad.

Mondays and Wednesdays July and August. 11am from the Panoramic Lift.

Price €12

Carthago Nova: Teatro a las Termas

Discover the splendor of Roman Cartagena through spectacular sites.

Tour – Museum of the Roman Theatre, Barrio del Foro Romano and Casa de la Fortuna.

Tuesdays and Thursdays in July and August. 11am from the Roman Theatre Museum.

Price €10

Walk around Carthago Nova with the Albino family

Marco and Octavia and drive through the splendid Carthago Nova. Enjoy the spectacular daily life of the Thermal Baths or the Casa de la Fortuna.

Tour – Teatro Romano, the Roman Forum and Casa de la Fortuna

Fridays in July and August. 11.30am from Roman Theatre Museum.

Price €15.

Family Workshops

Maccus, Pappus and other stars @ Museum of the Roman Theatre.

This workshop will investigate children’s theater touring the ancient halls of the museum with children aged 6-12 years as protagonists of the stage.

Wednesdays in July. 6pm

Price €4.

The Sea of ​​Colours

Cristóbal Gabarrón’s work evokes and gives colour to poetry @ Museum of the Roman Theatre. Children aged 6-12 years, through a visit to the exhibition and interactive workshop will engage in dialogue between poetry and painting after visiting the Museum and the Roman Theatre.

Fridays in July and August. 6pm

Price €4.

Jaque al Rey

Through a giant chess set @ Castillo de la Concepción, children can discover the meaning of each chess piece and play to achieve check-mate to the king.

Tuesdays in July. 6pm

Price €4 (including Panoramic Lift)

Morse Code

Children aged 6-12 years will become true spies looking for hidden messages to be transmitted in Morse code @ Museum- Refugio de la

Thursdays in July and August. 6pm

Price €2.50.

Night Programmes

Guided Tours

The Theatre Under The Moonlight – an exclusive tour to discover the magnificent theatre of Carthago Nova under the light of the moon.

Location – Museum of the Roman Theatre.

Saturday July 6th and 20th, August 10th and 31st and September 14th. 9pm & 9.30pm

Price €9.

Summer Nights in Barrio del Foro

in the warm summer nights you will have the unique opportunity to relive the pleasure of bathing and banquets of ancient Rome @ Barrio del Foro Romano. Molinete.

Fridays in July and Saturday August 3rd and 17th. 9pm & 9.30pm

Price €8

Theatre Visit

The great Roman architect Vitruvius will offer his vision of theatre and other surprises that will take you to the theatres of ancient Rome @ Museum of the Roman Theatre.

Saturday July 13th and 27th, August 24th and September 7th. 9pm

Price €12.

Other Activities
Sounds of the Sea

A reminiscent evening stroll by the Tourist Boat in the bay of Cartagena. The walk will be entertained with live music.

Thursday July 18th and 25th and Friday August 9th 23rd and 30th. 9pm

Price €12.

A Concert in the unique setting Fuerte de Navidad

we will review songs accompanied by a musical group to review the soundtrack of your life.

Friday August 2nd and 16th. 9.30 & 9.45pm Escala Real del Puerto & 10pm Salidas del Barco

Price €15 (includes transport on Tourist Boat).