Doctors shocked as Camposol man refuses cancer treatment and then cures it HIMSELF in 12 days!

With cancer cases rising, we seem to be no closer to a curing the problem (not the symptom) now than we were 100 years ago.

Andy says “Proper nutrition with Bicarbonate of Soda will supercharge the body’s immune system, allowing the body to fight the disease from within. This cures the cancer permanently with far less chance of a recurrence if sensible diet continues.”

“Every time I visited the oncology department” says Andy “there would be sweets on the counter! Cancer absorbs sugar 10 x faster than ordinary cells, so even the oncology department, dedicated (supposedly) to curing cancer, are actually helping to kill us off!
We have become calorie high, but nutrition shy!” says Andy.

When Andy found that his Prostate Cancer had returned 2 years after his radiation treatment, he refused further ‘orthodox’ treatment and preferred to try and cure himself!

He found the answer to his own cancer with proper nutrition and Bicarbonate of Soda.

“The evidence was overwhelming.” Andy says “It is clear that we have been able to cure all cancers for 80 years using a variety of different freely available protocols. When you think that every species of animal has its own food and nutrient source ie cows eat grass; sharks eat meat; birds eat seeds and worms; pandas only eat bamboo and chimpanzees (our closest DNA relative at 96% match) eat fruit, seeds and vegetables.”

By utilizing a healthy diet, removing carcinogenic processed foods along with using his own immune system to enhance his health, in just 4 weeks Andy’s PSA numbers are 1/10th of the previous numbers, leaving doctors stunned!

Andy went on to explain that our bodies are kept in perfect balance by our own immune system. We are naturally slightly alkaline with a PH of 7.2 when we are born. However, on a Western diet, this drops to 6.5 or even lower!  Just take a look at any swimming pool that has a PH too high or too low and it will look cloudy or worse turn green! When you consider that our body is made up of 90% water, making it too acidic can eventually lead to huge problems if we don’t watch what we eat and keep this balance in check.  All Western diets will over time reduce your PH level to around 6.5 and mine was 6.4!

Our immune system is designed to easily keep cancer cells in check.  Everyone has cancer cells in their body which are easily contained and neutralized by the body, creating tiny tumours that protect our body from the cancer cells growing exponentially. These cancers never present a problem. A ‘growing’ tumour is our body’s way of saying “Houston we have a problem!”

After just 4 weeks using his own cure, Andy’s cancer PSA reading for his condition was slashed from 5.3 to just 0.65! PSA (prostate specific antigens) is an indicator of the amount of prostate cancer cells present.

For more information about what Andy did to cure his cancer and the changes he made to his diet, he has made a 30 minute video explaining his cure on a video available on Youtube. Andy went on to explain that he wants nothing from this other than to help others also cure their own cancer. All the details are freely available on this video with no subscription or form-filling required. He also lists all the foods and supplements he took during the month-long self-treatment.

Andy is not a doctor and has no medical background or experience, but is convinced with all the thousands of testimonials out there and now with his own astonishing results that curing cancer is actually quite simple. He does not stop there!

By continuing to eat healthy nutrient foods whilst eliminating toxic foods, common problems such as type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Degenerative Heart Disease, IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Obesity, etc, are all easily treatable!

Andy says the diet is self-regulating for weight and most people will lose weight on this diet, but unlike other diets you can pretty much eat as much as you like and will Not Gain Any Weight! He also says he has more energy, feels younger and fitter, and sleeps better.   All symptoms of the cancer have gone and he has even stopped all his medications!

Simply go to Youtube and search for Best Amazing Cancer Cure With Bicarbonate Of Soda! or Andrew Hurrell Cancer for a list of his ‘how to’ videos.

Food for thought?