The latest update from the Camposol Residents Association. Unfortunately this update is usually done 2 weeks before publication so things could be different by the time you read this, so please do not think items are resolved or have not been actioned.

The CRA is putting in progress a revamp of the data they hold on file to comply with recent Data Protection rules. New members no longer get a membership card, but will be sent an email and membership number. We are also looking at what details need to be kept and reduce the amount of data we hold.

Whilst we have recruited new members to the committee, we still have a critical position to fill; that is the role of Secretary, so if you want to help with the future of Camposol, please submit an application to

The CRA welcomes back John McCracken and new committee members Dave Redford, Colin Barton and Derek Gormley.

Gordon Cockburn will be the new Membership Secretary once he has taken over the reins from Rob Humphreys, who has volunteered to take up a new post as Media Secretary.

The Chairman, Phil Gelling will be composing the insert for the monthly magazine and the Media Secretary, Rob Humphreys, will be responsible for all other communications including the website updates.

The Chairman is hoping to improve the CRA’s relationship with all the nationalities on Camposol.

  • It has been agreed that all members and residents should be made aware that any liaison by the CRA with PSOE and the Town Hall would be purely for the purposes of ongoing and future projects.
  • The Chairman and John McCracken would visit the CRA’s solicitor regarding outstanding legal cases and report the findings at the next available opportunity.
  • The Chairman and members of the committee have met with the local Mayor and the International Relations Councillor on two occasions so far discussing outstanding issues and future projects. Results of the discussions will be relayed to the Residents as and when appropriate through the CRA website
  • The CRA wants to improve its relationship with other charities and organisations on a liaison basis.
  • The CRA may wish to fund a particular project for the benefit of the Camposol residents. It was agreed that this subject should be discussed at the next meeting with the Mayor.

Changes are taking place on Camposol as I write, with potholes being filled and lights going on with hopefully more to follow.


Phil Gelling