Camposol 2025 – What do you want it to be?

Camposol has been here for over twenty years. In that time, many things have happened and many have not. Much discussion occurs about what happened in the past. One thing is clear, we need to look to the future while recognising the past. What will Camposol look like in 2025 if we don’t plan and try to make it the place it should be?

We know that Mazarrón Town Hall has allocated over €800,000 to complete the dual carriageway on Sectors C and D. Great news!

We know that the Town Hall has received just under €3million to be spent towards the completion of the urbanisation.

We know that is not enough!

Do we just carry on complaining or do we do something about it and try and complement the work of the Town Hall? Our vote is for the latter. 

That is why Project Camposol 2025 has been created by the CRA to develop a four-year plan to identify what is needed during that time. We cannot do this alone and need support from groups that have been around working tirelessly over the years to try and keep the urbanisation looking good and providing services to assist the residents. Most of all, We Need You, the residents to tell us what you want to see. 

It is fair to say that many of the voluntary Camposol groups are ageing.  The CRA committee has an average age of circa 70 years. Other groups, including those doing the ‘heavy lifting’, are of the same generation.  There are many new families and younger residents that have moved to Camposol in recent years. Your Voices Need To Be Heard. You are the future of Camposol!

The CRA is a small group and we want to hear from anyone with a background in communications.

We believe that by working together and with our councillor Silvana Buxton, we can help things improve.  By the time you read this, you may have already seen our Help Desk on Mondays on the commercial centre on Sector B.  We will be there to ask what you want us to do for the future and try to help with issues that you may have. We believe that we can make some improvements to the infrastructure on Camposol. For example, we are planning to improve a bin area and encourage users to take more care about the way they dispose of their rubbish. This will happen and once it has, if you can identify areas for improvement, we will see what we can do.

Cost is an issue, so we plan to hold some fun, fund-raising events and activities. More news about these and help desk subjects in later editions. 

You may have heard it all before, but if you really want to make a difference come and join us. We are going Back To The Future and supporting residents and improving Camposol.

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