At the time of going to press, Camposol was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Saturday June 15th when the election for the new Mayor of Mazarrón was taking place. A decision will have been made which will influence greatly the future of Camposol and the direction that the CRA will be taking with regards to its role and relationship with the membership and the authorities in power with the ability to seek and obtain funding in order to resolve the issues that have long been plaguing our urbanisation.

The CRA held its AGM on 22nd June, when, in line with the Constitution of the Association, the existing Committee stood down and the two committee members covering the role of Secretary and Website master agreed to be nominated to serve for another 3 years. Regrettably Silvana Buxton, the acting-chairman, was unable to re-join the CRA Committee as it was felt it would be unethical, in view of her recent appointment as Town Hall Councillor.

A warm welcome is extended to the newly formed CRA Committee (members not known at time of writing), who, in accordance with the CRA Constitution, will endeavour to abide by the Association’s objectives which include:
‘To work towards the improvement of quality and conditions of life for the residents of Camposol’.

This will be considered by most residents and homeowners to be the most important aim of the CRA. After the recent elections there will be changes in personnel and political involvement at local, regional and national levels of government, creating new opportunities and challenges for the urbanisation and all those who volunteer to join the Committee, along with the other volunteer organisations. They will strive to achieve the lifestyle and environment its members and homeowners anticipated when making the decision to make Camposol their home or holiday destination.

There will not only be a new CRA Chairman and Committee, but a new Town Hall regime will include a presence on Camposol. The new Corvera Airport is now established, the Sensol Hotel will reopen at some point in the future and there is headway being made in the Rambla de los Aznares saga. With some much-needed progress on the infrastructure and street lighting, Camposol is moving in the right direction.

For now, there is no Town Hall representation at The Social Centre and the friendly presence of Antonio is no longer there. The short-term contract offered to Antonio by the Town Hall came to an end in late May and at the time of going to press we have no news of a possible renewal of his contract.

The CRA has a very active and user-friendly website with useful and up-to-date information