Camposol 2025 – What do you want it to be?

Here we are, at the beginning of the year. It only seems a few weeks ago that we started this project and the Help Desk, yet we have learnt so much from those that have visited us and hopefully been able to help at least some of you that have sought assistance. The next Help Desk will be on Monday 3rd January 2022, at the Chinese restaurant on Camposol B commercial centre, from 12pm-2pm.

We are pleased to announce that our first event for 2022 will be a Murder Mystery Evening to be held on Tuesday 15th March. If you are interested in this type of event, please put the date in your calendar. We will follow up with further information online on our Facebook page and other outlets, as well as in the February edition of the Costa Cálida Chronicle.

Our planned event in February has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions making it unviable, however there will be many more events throughout 2022. 

We held a Workshop in November to address issues of interest and concern to young people and this subject will undoubtedly continue to be part of our focus as we move forward. We are holding a further Workshop on Monday 10th January at 3.30pm and would like to see more young people and parents come along and help us.

We plan to hold a day specifically for young people in the Spring and we need you to tell us what type of activities you would like to participate in. 

In our survey, the top neighbour priority for the community is to improve the waste bin storage areas. These are untidy, littered with spilled waste often on the road. The aim of Camposol 2025 is to develop a design template that takes the bins off-road in a dedicated walled storage area, complimented by shrub planting. We will also set up a volunteer cleaning team to maintain the cleanliness of the area. Working with the Sector D Community and Gardening Group we have identified three waste bin storage sites for improvement. Our first project will be a pilot and we have identified the current site on Calle Esparraquera, which is untidy and litter strewn. We are currently working with the Council on permissions and hope to commence work in February. We are using volunteers to carry out the work, to minimise costs. We do need your surplus concrete blocks to build the surrounding walls and need 200 blocks. We will collect these, so just give us your contact details and we will pick them up. 

Thanks to the financial support of the Sector D Community and Gardening Group we have funding to start the project. However, we still need €300 and are seeking donations to complete the project. 

If you would like to contribute or have any questions, please contact us: