Camposol 2025 – Due to some unfortunate resignations we are having to rethink what we can do going forward about future activities to improve Camposol. We are trying to recruit some more ‘can do’ people with mixed skills and  ideas.

The Help Desk, should hopefully be up and running again by the Chinese restaurant on Camposol B commercial centre, from 12pm-2pm on Mondays at least once a week but we are hoping it could be as many as 3 days a week.

The first event for 2022 will be a Murder Mystery Evening to be held on Tuesday 15th March. If you are interested in this type of event, please put the date in your calendar. Cloud 9 is putting on the production and the Diner, on Sector B, will be hosting the event with an excellent 3 course special menu. As it is a full blown fun and entertaining experience with audience participation and an excellent meal the experience will only cost 25 euros. Tickets are strictly limited at the moment to 50 seating because of Covid Restrictions.  Tickets should be on sale at the 2025 Help Desk

Other activities are under review and we will update through our website, newsletter and facebook page.

Other news from the CRA is as follows:- 

  • Free Legal Clinics are available to members. If you have a problem, contact us.
  • Our new committee line-up should be in place. Our membership is increasing and the figure stands at 1412.
  • Arrangements should have been agreed for another Town Hall meeting and we should have further information about activities taken up at the various political levels within the Region, CHS, and hopeful the Senate.
  • We are looking to complete petitions to get the Guardia involved in improving the Safety of the Urbanisation.
  • Our website, the Consum Noticeboard and Newsletters should be full of information about progress on Camposol.
  • At the time of writing, we have seen the street sweeper, on Camposol, at least 2 weeks running and there is no election due.
  • The football pitch is being well used and the facilities are being improved further.
  • Invalid access at the ‘B’ Commercial centre has been improved.
  • New businesses are opening on B.

We hope we will have the up-to-date picture on the Budget and why the PP party filed a complaint at the Murcia Courts.

If you would like to contribute, help or have any questions, please contact us: