Camposol 2025 – What do you want it to be?

Last month, we introduced you to the Camposol 2025 project of the CRA.  Since then, we have been busy holding our help desk each Monday morning at Camposol B commercial centre. Firstly, thank you to all that have stopped by and shared your views with us and to those that have asked for our help.

We have had subject-specific weeks on health, security and young people. As the nights are drawing in and this has been traditionally the time that we receive unwelcome visitors who like to break into our houses, it is a good time to review your security arrangements. For example, the use of anti-snap locks and outside lighting is recommended by our security experts. 

Now, we are focussing very much on looking at what facilities are available and needed on Camposol for young people and families. There is an ever-increasing number of young people who have very little designed for them on the urbanisation. We would like to hear from anyone who has any thoughts and ideas on what we can do to improve things for them. We held specific workshops in November to address these issues and this subject will undoubtedly be part of our focus as we move forward. 

When we started the project, there were just five of us and we are pleased to say that we have almost doubled that number with new volunteers who are joining us. Importantly, we now have an international group. This is so important as we want to dispel the thought that this is only for the Brits. It isn’t and we welcome all residents and homeowners and want to hear from everyone. 

We have presented our plan for activities and fund raising to the CRA committee and it has been approved, so further news on this in future editions. We have plans for events taking us to the end of 2022 and will be announcing these shortly.

One project that we are moving ahead on is the tidying up of bin areas and we are currently finalising the plans which we will submit to the Town Hall to establish if any permissions will be needed. The project is being delivered in partnership with Sector D Community and Gardening Group. We anticipate that once the first one is completed, we will be able to use this as a template for other areas and hope to work with other sector groups to roll out the concept to the whole of Camposol. If you are having any building work done now, please retain any bricks and building blocks you have left over as we will be asking for donations of these to keep the cost down. More detailed information will be provided in next month’s issue.

If you have any questions about any of the things we are doing, please contact us using the details here: