Changing of the Guard

The recent council elections have resulted in the ‘changing of the guard’ to coin a phrase. PSOE and UIDM have formed a coalition which is the first piece of good news. The PP has lost their mandate to govern and we now have a more receptive political grouping for solving the problems of Camposol. As part of the ‘changing of the guard’, we have more good news as we have a Camposol resident in the coalition, namely Silvana Buxton, who is well aware of the issues on Camposol and who has battled along with the Residents Association to put things right. She has also been given the overall responsibility as Councillor for Camposol and for International Relations. 

Some of the big issues are still going to be problematic whilst funding is secured from Government, the Region and the Council’s depleted coffers.  At least the people and connections are in place for obtaining the funding.

Street lighting is high on the agenda, along with street repairs. Camposol Upper C and D challenges are also in the frame. Smaller issues like potholes will be addressed quite quickly once they have been identified and reported. Conversations have already taken place as to children’s play areas and football pitch. Repairs have been undertaken at the Social Centre to fix the air conditioning with some more work still to do and other fixtures such as broken doors etc. are also being progressed.

The Residents Association in the meantime have been actively recruiting new committee members and making arrangements with groups to work together to solve other problems. We are currently looking for someone to volunteer to take over secretarial duties and for anybody else that would like to help the Association reach its goals.

Please visit our website for any news items going forward

Oh and I have returned to help progress the changes needed!


Phil Gelling