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About Us

The Camposol Urbanisation forms part of the Municipality of Mazarrón, which is home to some 80+ different nationalities.  This diversity is reflected in the makeup of Camposol residents and homeowners, with the majority being British, followed by Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, French, Norwegian and other nationalities from Europe, South America and across the globe.  

Camposol is currently comprised of just under 4,000 properties with a full time resident population of around 5,000.  This number almost doubles during the holiday season, with the lure of unspoilt local beaches, beautiful countryside and cultural attractions.

The association started as an ad hoc group and in 2006 registered as the Camposol Residents Association.  This has grown over the years with many volunteers over that time offering their assistance as Committee members, helpers and generally manning the pumps with the aim of improving the urbanisation and the overall environment.

The CRA was originally intended as an organised body along the lines of a Social Club, offering a contact point for advice and guidance to members and on a general basis to non-members.  In the early days it was recognised that there were problems with the developer of the urbanisation and Local Council.  In the absence of any other organisation, the CRA took on the mantel of representing the residents and homeowners’ interests in talks with both the developer and Mazarrón Town Hall.

This continued with varying amounts of success until 2011, when the Council dismissed the developer. Mazarrón Town Hall then became the focus of the CRA’s attention.  Unfortunately with the Town Hall’s changing regimes and differing interpretations of the situation, little progress was made, resulting in the decision by the CRA in 2015 to escalate Camposol’s affairs to the Murcia Regional Assembly (Regional Parliament).

After visits to Camposol from numerous Regional Parliamentarians, a dedicated Regional Assembly Commission was set up to investigate the process that had led to the situation existing on the urbanisation.  After over 2 years studying documentation, collecting information and holding hearings for those officials involved, a report was compiled including recommendations to correct the circumstances the urbanisation found itself in.  This was presented as a ‘Paper’ to the Regional Assembly Full Session on 22nd March 2018 and was approved unanimously.  Work is currently ongoing with the various authorities to put those recommendations into practice.

The CRA has continued throughout this time with its original aim of offering help and guidance; sometimes serious, sometimes minor, but always important to the recipient.  This has been accomplished by email info@camposolresidents.es, via the website www.camposolresidents.es or in person at the CRA Drop-in desk situated in the Social Centre, Camposol B (Wednesdays 11am-1.00pm).  The Committee currently has members who are not only English speakers, but also Spanish, Italian and French.

The CRA will continue to strive for the lifestyle and environment its members anticipated when making the decision to make Camposol their home or holiday destination.  Please support us to support you by joining the Association, using the ‘join us’ page on our website or calling in at the Drop-in desk and filling in a membership form.