Camposol Is Stronger With Us All Pulling Together – It’s Not Too Late
The CRA constantly hears that the bickering between us and the Camposol party should stop and we should work together. The CRA committee and we believe the residents, couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. We have sent an open letter to the people of Camposol on how this might be done. This is available to read on the CRA website under the news section dated 13th March 2019. I would urge readers to check this out.

Briefly, the CRA feels that they have found like-minded people within the Spanish system who want to do right for Camposol. They have a wide ranging, though admittedly long-term (not a quick-fix plan) for the urbanisation. It commences with giving Camposol its basic services from day one. They already accept, as the CRA has been saying, that all sectors of Camposol have already been adopted! That’s one huge battle that we don’t have to fight.

What possible reason could there be for the rest of Camposol not to join us? I can’t really think of a good one!
We have a multi lingual Camposol resident, who is active both locally and regionally ready to go.

There are one or two reasons that MIGHT stop us uniting. Pride is one. People do not like to feel they have lost a battle that they have started out on. Even though they are not admitting defeat, just doing what is best, their ego might not see it that way!

Another might be prejudice. We have often heard “What have the Spanish done for us?” or “This person does not speak English”.

We have to ask, what chance have you given, to which party?
Have you supported a party that wants to help us?

In respect of the language issue, I think we should be asking, not “Does this or that politician speak English?”, but “Does our champion speak Spanish?”
Many people may not like it, but real solutions can only be achieved by working with the Spanish in Spain. Any other attempts are destined to fail and I think everyone sees that we need more than just the residents of Camposol to help us.

I have also expressed some apologies for what has gone on in some areas before in this essay. We don’t normally put names on these entries, but as it is me apologising, I have to. I am Peter Pont a member of the CRA committee. I am not standing for election and have nothing more to gain out of this election than any other resident; living in a better Camposol.

Voluntary Groups
I have covered this area briefly already. We think it would be a good idea to unite all of the non-profitmaking groups in Camposol.
We do not want to take over anything.
We don’t want your funding or a place on your committee.
However, we think by uniting we can achieve more. We have a great website to advertise your group or events and are happy to link it to others. If you are interested, please drop us an email and we can come and explain more.

CRA Newsletters – Why Don’t I Get Them Anymore?
Members will still get a few newsletters. However, they won’t be as regular as they once were. Why? Because we now update the website regularly with news, sometimes several times a week, so here is your CRA news. To send out emails whenever there is something you need to know would fill your inbox. If you want to know more drop us an email.