When you open a book, you not only embark on a story, it often also awakens thoughts – you might like/dislike the characters, or like/dislike the book’s theme and maybe contemplations derived from the characters, places and/or the subject pop up during the reading.

It is impossible to find a book that everybody likes, but that is the joy of meeting with the members of the group. 

The first book for this meeting was Gill Sims’ Why Mummy Doesn’t Give a ****! Ms Sims is known from Facebook where she posts tongue-in-cheek stories of a modern, busy life. This story about a frustrated, newly divorced mum-of-two was evaluated by some as an enjoyable, witty description of everyday situations with some parts funny and others sad. Others found it clichéd and hated the characters. It rendered a few bored, deeming it as a book for people in their 20ies, and one they could not recommend. The frequent swearwords did not shock, but it did spur a debate about the use of crude words throughout generations. 

Camposol Reading Group

Namwali Serpell is a Zambian born writer, and an associate professor of English at University of California. Her first novel, The Old Drift, was up for debate next. Ms Serpell has done extensive research for the book, which is based on facts and actual events and characters. The opinions were divided. A fair number found it boring and that the story did not link together in the end. It was deemed as total utopia, crudely written and rude; hammering on about the Europeans as villains. On the other end of the spectrum the opinion was that it was well written, giving a good description of the problems Africa is battling with. Liked or not, the theme of the book gave a good background for a debate about the root causes of conflicts in Africa.

We meet every first Thursday of the month between 2pm and 4pm in the Social Centre, Camposol B. Everyone is welcome; the only requirement is that you like to read and enjoy meeting other readers. 

Our next meeting is Thursday 7th November. You can also follow us on Facebook if you cannot come to the meetings.

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