Have you ever read a book and been really moved by it?

How about when you’re ambivalent towards a novel, but aren’t sure why? Whether you find books inspiring or disappointing, you’re welcome to join our group.  We choose two books a month, and discuss them at the following month’s meeting.

At the November meeting we discussed Daughters In Law by Joanna Trollope, and The Last Voyage of Mrs Henry Parkerby Joanna Nell.

The simple fact that we have/are a mother-in-law or are/have a daughter-in-law, meant the book discussion on the book by Joanna Trollope was somewhat lively. The general opinion is that it’s harder to be a mother-in-law to a son’s wife than it is to a daughter’s husband and it’s more difficult to be a daughter-in-law than a son-in-law.  However, we concluded it is more a case of personality than relationship. In this novel, the mother-in-law in question, Rachel, had three very different sons, whose wives’ personalities varied greatly.  She had to learn how to cope with each and ‘interfere’ less in the sons’ lives.  Most, but not all, enjoyed the novel and would recommend it. Some said it made them examine their role as mother-in-law!

The second book, by Australian novelist Joanna Nell, dealt with the difficult subject of dementia with some wit and humour.  Mrs Evelyn Parker, wife of a retired ship’s doctor, lived out her retirement years on board a cruise ship.  This, her final voyage, is largely spent looking for her husband who she thinks has disappeared. We debated the accuracy of the dementia portrayed, a difficult theme carefully interspersed through the book with humorous moments.  Most of the group enjoyed the book and would recommend it.

The two books chosen for discussion at the next meeting are:

Here To Stay by Mark Edwards and Relative strangers by Allie Cresswell

Due to its proximity to New Year, we have decided not to hold our meeting in January, so the next gathering of the Reading Group is Thursday February 6th at 2pm. New members are always welcome.

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