Camposol Reading Group has been running for 4 years and I think we can say successfully and a wide variety of books have been read in that time. Amazingly at the first meeting we decided to keep the numbers to about 12 as we thought that would make it small enough for everyone to have input, but not so big that some quieter members would get lost. We have more or less managed to keep it to 12 members, but please don’t think it is an exclusive group as it is not. 

For our Anniversary Lunch we thought we would have a celebratory lunch as quite a few of us are original members and one or two joined later.  Of course there was lots of chatter made even more enjoyable by Doris’s daughter and 2 grandchildren popping in and joining us for ice cream.

What makes a good book? 

Is it a good book if the story is good but the writing is average?

What about if it is well written but a less that compelling story?

What if it has won some awards?

Many things go towards a book being ‘good’. It needs to be more than a well written story.

A book needs to have plenty of content; something that makes us think.

If we can learn something from it then it’s a good book.

A good book takes the reader on a journey.

A captivating story and good characters are also helpful.

A lot of us who like to read say “I would rather read a book than watch the movie.”  I like to read a wide variety of books, from Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biographies, Mysteries and Self-Help. I have friends who read only one style of book or a single author and they have no interest in expanding their choice of book or author. We are all different and at the end of the day the reader decides what makes good reading or a good book.

What makes a good reading group?

One where everyone has an opportunity to participate and their opinion is listened to, although not necessarily agreed to by all, but we respect and listen to their opinion.

Reading is a solitary activity, but if a book has stimulated you in any way it’s natural to want to discuss it with others.

We try as a group to read all types of books, but have yet to really branch out into Non-Fiction. Maybe one day we will!

There is no meeting in February.

Next meeting is on Thursday March 7th @ The Social Centre, Camposol B 2-4pm.

Chris Leiper