Books! Books! Books! When a group of book-lovers get together there is always plenty to talk about. This was as usual the case when Camposol Reading Group got together on 7th March.

Books Discussed

“Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate

The book is based on real happenings, set in America in the 1930s and is about kidnapping poor people’s children, tricking poor parents to sign over their children and basically selling the children off to rich people. It follows the faith of The Foss-brood; 7 siblings, children of poor river people living happily with their parents on a shanty boat on the Mississippi River until Georgia Tann, the ‘Cruella de Ville’ in the net of this ‘Baby Market’, gets her hands on them. It was not until the 1950s that people began to question the morality of it all. “Before We Were Yours” touches on several themes, including the bonds of family, the power of family secrets, the way the past influences the present, political corruption, the resiliency of children, dementia and elder care, etc.

“The Cactus” by Sarah Haywood

A 45-year-old woman’s voyage from being a control freak, righteous and ‘square’ in dealing with her surroundings, to reach an understanding of other people which thoroughly alters her approach to life. Perfectly content to have no friends and running her love-life with military precision, a cactus is a perfect metaphor for Susan Green’s personality, humorously and endearingly described by the author. “The Cactus” paints a picture of what happens to a control freak when they lose control. The novel is consistently enjoyable, anchored by the splendid character of Susan.

“Bilbury Chronicles” by Vernon Coleman

Dr Vernon Coleman, is a qualified doctor who has written over 100 books. This is the first of a series of eight books describing the adventures (and misadventures) of a young doctor, who enters general practice as assistant to an elderly and rather eccentric GP in North Devon. When he arrives in Bilbury, a village on the edge of Exmoor, he has no idea how much he has to learn. Coleman’s dry humour transforms doctor-patient encounters into hilarious anecdotes written lightly, easily and entertainingly. His powers of observation combine with his penchant for brilliant word pictures to create a most delightful book that will appeal to all those who appreciate humour and sharp characterisation.

Three so different books, each well written and raising diverse questions delivering rich food for exciting debates in the group.

Next month’s books:

“When All Is Said” by Anne Griffin and “A Woman Is No Man” by Etaf Rum.

“When All is Said” will take us down memory lane with 84-year old Maurice Hannigan revealing ‘all that I have been and all that I will never be again’.

In “A Woman Is No Man” we get to look inside the lives of three generations of Palestinian women living in Brooklyn, America, torn between individual desire and the strict Arab culture.

We meet every first Thursday of the month between 2pm and 4pm in the Social Centre, Camposol B. Everybody is welcome; the only requirement is that you like to read. Our next meeting will be Thursday 4th April.

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