Mercers’ Trophy 

The 4th Mercers’ Trophy took place on Wednesday 28th July. 52 players teed up in hot but calm conditions creating good scoring conditions.

Thank you to Mercers for their continued support. 

Dave Freer Winner of Mercer's Trophy
Dave Freer Winner of Mercer’s Trophy

Congratulations to Dave Freer for winning the trophy for the third time.  As we said last year, “If you win it a third time the trophy is yours!”

Division One

1st – Dave Freer – 39

2nd – Des Watts – 38 cb

3rd – Eugene Toye – 38 cb

4th – Vron Porter 36 cb

5th – Dave Hopkins – 36 cb

Division Two

1st – Gordon Neilson – 37 cb

2nd – Allan Hebblethwaite – 37 cb

3rd – Hayley Barker – 37  

4th – Tony Hinckley – 37 cb

5th – Ian Butters – 36

Nearest the Pins: Derek Deegan, Dave Hopkins, Allan Hebblethwaite & John Layland.

Thanks to Neil Smith for stepping up in the Captain’s absence doing the draw and preparing the scorecards. Also thanks to Brian Arnold for checking the scores.

Keith Halliwell


CGA Men’s Wednesday Group Competition – 21st July

38 players took part in the monthly Pinehurst Team event on a very hot and sunny day.  Some players rose above the rest as Pinehurst specialists which the results below show:

1st – D Lewis, D Hopkins 48 pts – G Neilson, G Davies – 148

2nd – T Colvin, R Lawrenson, D Freer 46 pts – N Morgan – 146

3rd – D Griffith, S Parsons, S Rowbotham, J Venables 48 pts – 29 front nine 143

4th – A Rae, E Toye, I Butters 47 points – this game was a 3 ball – 143

Thanks to R Lawrenson and D Freer for presentation; a great job

Winners Men's Wed. Group
Winners Men’s Wed. Group

CGA Men’s Wednesday Group Competition – 11th August

On a very overcast Wednesday 34 players took part. The format was 4 to score on par 3s, three to score on par 4s and two to score on par 5s.  Conditions were perfect for scoring with new members appearing in the winner’s enclosure after a very close call:

1st – N Morgan, S Dixon, M Lewis & R Woolstencroft – 121 pts cb

2nd – Degsy, P Coulstock, M Henwood & G Neilson – 121 pts cb

3rd – S Rowbotham, C Porter & B Purkis this three ball team picked a card 121 points

There were five 2’s – C Porter, D Jones, M Lewis, N Morgan & J Layland

Thanks go to C Porter and S Rowbotham for doing a great presentation job.

Eugene Toye

Men’s Competition’s Secretary

CGA Autumn Dinner

This will be held at the Amapola on 10th September.  All the round tables of 10 will be set up outside around the Courtyard and swimming pool.  Entertainment is Carolynn May who has an outstanding voice and was very entertaining when she performed for us 2 years ago.  There will be a 3 course meal with a bottle of wine per person for 32€.  It will be a real pleasure to have a reason to dress up and get out and about!  

Betty Roberts