Camposol Fiesta To Be Dissolved

It is with a heavy heart I must announce that Camposol Fiesta is to be dissolved.

As most people are aware, I gave notice of my resignation as President of Fiestas de Camposol over three months ago. In addition to this, three other Committee members also resigned and we have been trying to find replacements so the association could continue. Unfortunately, whilst we have had people volunteer to join the committee in general roles, we have been unable to fill the position of President and the association cannot run without a named President, so a decision has been taken to dissolve the Fiesta association and we are now seeking legal support to ensure this is done correctly.

As a Committee we discussed leaving the association on hold in case someone wanted to restart it in years to come, but after considering the pros and cons, I decided against this because the association is registered in my name, using my NIE and my home address and I do not want someone to be able to pick it up and start running it again at some point in the future while I am still legally named as the person responsible, so I have decided to err on the side of caution and close everything down via a solicitor to make sure it is handled correctly and that there are no possible repercussions for me in the future.

We have funds that were raised to pay for a Fiesta in 2019 before Covid hit and we need to discuss with our solicitor what we plan to do with these before we can confirm details publicly. Once details are confirmed we will let everyone know where the remaining funds have gone and a set of final accounts will be published.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Fiesta Committee, their partners and our stall volunteers who have all worked very hard to make the Fiesta such a great success over the years.

I hope people can understand why I have taken this decision. Believe me it wasn’t easy as I have been involved with the Fiesta since 2015 and I feel that during this time we, as a committee, had built it up into a great annual event, so I am very sad to have to do this.

Thank you all for your support over the years.

Sue Tinkler

Camposol Fiesta President