Camposol Explorers is about going out exploring once a month in the Murcia Region and beyond. If you want to join, please contact Shaun on his FaceBook group Expat in Mazarrón.

Our August outing was going to be one location and a meal but I left the booking too late and couldn’t book a table, so turned the outing into two locations with a picnic in the sun. Both locations were near to Camposol and both hidden gems to view on the edge of the Sierra Espuña and just past the historic town of Alhama de Murcia. In a convoy of three cars, we set off. The last part of the journey was a dusty track to drive down until we reached our first location.

We parked the cars under some pine trees for shade and after a short walk we reached the viewing point. When you arrive for the first time, you say “Wow!” and most who saw it said that. Google Sat Nav location: ‘Mirador de la Muela’. You can’t drive to the viewing point, but you will notice a big building which is a scout hut and if you drive around to the back, you will see the footpath with a sign, saying 100m. 

Sierra Muela is a range of mountains looking down on Alhama de Murcia. You can see the castle ruin and the whole of the town and much further and also the Sierra Espuña. As you walk among the pine trees, it’s so nice at this time of the year as it’s cooler here. This is also where the Paragliding guys launch themselves off the green carpet over the valley. 

We then went back the way we came to the town of Alhama de Murcia and headed to our last location on road. Sat Nav location: ‘Mirador del Embales de Alenciras’. There was another viewing point looking over the turquoise reservoir. Built in 1995 to store water for the local farmers and also, if any fires break out, the local fire helicopters will collect water from large bags hung from the helicopter.

The area is also known as the ‘Badlands’, made from clay and marl and formed over millions of years by the weather. Where the dam is on the hill, there is what looks like a castle ruin and the story told, is that there was a small village where the reservoir is now, but I’ve no information about this. After taking some photographs, we sat under pine trees for some shade and had our picnic before returning home.

On our next trip on 9th September, we are going to Almeria for the day to visit a castle overlooking the town and a monastery which has a restaurant, but we will be taking a picnic as there are some amazing views to look at.

Please check out the videos on my YouTube channel Expat in Mazarrón and for up-to-date videos on new places and where we are exploring in 2022 on Camposol Explorers YouTube channel.