Shaun has run the Expat in Mazarrón YouTube channel since arriving in Spain in 2015. It’s all about his living in Spain; Camposol, places of interest, property, going out walking and many more things about Spain.

Camposol Explorers is about going out exploring once a month in the Murcia Region and beyond. If you would like to join, please contact Shaun.

Our biggest group outing since it began, with 22 members and 6 cars was on a lovely sunny day. We set off just after 10am to Almeria.

Castillo de Velez-Blanco

Brief history: Set in Sierra Maria de Almeria region, the lovely town of Velez-Blanco, is about an hour’s drive from Camposol. It was built in the 16th Century, between 1506 & 1515 as a palace, disguised as a castle. It is open Wednesday to Sundays from 10am-2pm, but check the times before you go on their website. Entrance is free and well worth a visit. There is a restaurant at the carpark. If you are lucky, you may see golden eagles or griffin vultures flying overhead.

Some of the party lefty early to visit the next location as we were behind time a bit and they wanted the see the church as it shuts at 2pm. The next location was about 40 minutes to the Monastery (Saliente Diocesan Sanctuary), not far from Albox. This is also open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 10.30am-2pm. Always check the times though. Built in the 18th Century. 

When you enter the Church you will see some paintings which show ‘The Little One’ which is the Saint of this Monastery/Sanctuary. Since 2018, ‘The Little One’ has become the Patron Saint of Albox. In 1878, more than 30,000 pilgrims came here to pay homage to the Saint. There is a gift shop and large restaurant at the side of the building. As we brought a picnic and it was getting late, we went down the hill to find some shade and we met up for a group photograph before returning home.

Our next trip, on 7th October, will be to La Bastida, just outside Totana which is not far from Camposol. La Bastida is the most important archeological site known of the Agaric culture and is popularly called ‘Troy of the Western World’. You are most welcome to come, but you need to contact me as I have had to book this and need to know numbers before we go. There will be an English speaking guide explaining about this site.

Please check out the videos on the YouTube channel Expat in Mazarrón and for up to date videos on new places and where else we are exploring in 2022 on Camposol Explorers