The Expat in Mazarrón YouTube channel is run by Shaun and is all about his living in Spain, Camposol, places of interest, property and going out walking. Camposol Explorers is about going out exploring once a month in the Murcia Region and beyond. 

Unfortunately Shaun is due a hip operation and once he is up again walking, the outings will start again. In the meantime, he will be posting some interesting locations, not far from Camposol that you can visit.

Mazarrón Town

Not far from Camposol is the lovely town of Mazarrón which for those who live on Camposol, is the nearest town. Mazarrón is rich in history, going well back before the Roman times. They say the word Mazarrón, came from the Moors who lived here at times, before the Christians took it back. When you enter the town of Mazarrón, you can’t help but notice the huge mine that dominates the town and put Mazarrón on the map. 

Mazarrón has its own Castle and Watch Tower. The Castle is closed at the moment. An old mine shaft collapsed in the Castle grounds and it needs to be repaired. The Watch Tower is in the heart of the town and there is a park and winding path that takes you to the top. There are some good views of Mazarrón and if you are brave, a metal ladder that takes you to the very top. Unfortunately the park is a bit run down, which is a shame. 

The Saturday morning market is in the main carpark. It can get very busy and parking is a nightmare, so arrive early, to save walking too far. It is a great place for buying good fresh vegetables and practicing your Spanish on the stall holders. During the week, the carpark is still very busy, but once parked, you can walk to the main square where you will find the Post Office and Town Hall. The Town Hall is very modern with big glass windows, but it is now an exhibition building and when open, you can get a map and information about Mazarrón. The map will show you some interesting places to visit.

Another interesting place to visit during the week is Mazarrón Museum, opposite the Police Station at the far end of town, if heading towards Puerto de Mazarrón. Entry to the museum is free and there is plenty to see. It gives you the history of the mines, Castle and a brief history of the town during the 19th Century.

Next month, Shaun will introduce you to another interesting place not far from Camposol.

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