Shaun run the Expat in Mazarrón YouTube channel since arriving in Spain in 2015. It’s all about his living in Spain at Camposol, places of interest, property, going out walking and many more things about Spain. Shaun set up a group called Camposol Explorers which is about going out exploring once a month in the Murcia Region and beyond. 

Unfortunately at the moment Shaun has had to cancel the outings as he is due a hip operation in the next couple of months and then he will have to recover. Once he is up again walking, the outings will start again later this year; hopefully by the summer. In the meantime, he will be posting some interesting locations, not far from Camposol that you can visit. We wish Shaun all the best and a speedy recovery.

El Cabezo del Plomo

This area is not far from Camposol; about a 15 minute drive or 43 minute bike ride, Google Sat-Nav ‘Yacimiento arqueologico Cabezo del Plomo’.

There is no car park, but you can park your car on the side of the road leading up to the site. There is an information board at the bottom of the hill. The walk up is steep, but on a concrete road and whilst walking up you can stop and admire the views looking towards Puerto de Mazarrón. It was a fortified town on a plateau, on the Sierra de Moreras which dates back to the 4th Millennium to the mid-third Millennium BC. Plenty of information boards tell you about how these people lived here. You will notice a wall that has been restored to give you some idea how it looked, defending the town from invaders on the south west of the town. They have also built a replica hut to give you some idea what they would have looked like. Dotted around are the circular homes and markings where the homes would have been built with rock bases. 

You can see why they picked this location, as it is so high up with views looking towards Puerto de Mazarrón, along the Mediterranean coast towards Bolnuevo and behind towards Mazarrón Town.

Next month Shaun will show you another interesting place not far from Camposol.

For more information about Camposol Explorers, please check out the YouTube channel Camposol Explorers or join Shaun’s Facebook group Expat in Mazarrón for information and places to explore.