Shaun’s Expat in Mazarrón YouTube channel is all about his living in Camposol, places of interest, property, going out walking and many more things about Spain. Camposol Explorers is about going out exploring in the Murcia Region and beyond. Unfortunately at the moment we’re unable to accept further members as the group is full.

2022 was a busy year and the group has grown from about 10 members to nearly 35 members. In January 2022, we went to visit The Guns of Cartagena, part of Spain’s coastal defense which is now abandoned. There are two massive guns that face out towards the sea, making this a top tourist attraction in the Murcia Region.

February 2022, saw myself and my wife go down with Covid, so that month’s outing was cancelled.

March 2022 was a visit to Mazarrón Mines, just after the rains, so we could see the red pools that appear. We did a walk around the mining area.

The Sanctuary of Hope
The Sanctuary of Hope

April 2022, we went to Calasparra to visit The Sanctuary of Hope, dating back to the 16th Century. There is a cave which was turned into a Church. This is a huge attraction for pilgrims and tourists as is a viewpoint looking over the rice fields and a huge man-made lake. 

May 2022 saw another long drive to Mojácar to visit the village on the hill which is over 4,000 years old. After walking around the village we had a picnic on the beach.

Beach Caves
Beach Caves

June 2022, we went to San Juan in Almeria to visit a horseshoe-shaped artillery fort and a Watchtower not far away, with the 16th Century Chapel before visiting some beach caves in a cove.

July 2022, we went to the Sierra Espuña to the information building. There is a small museum telling the story about the Sierra Espuña. We went to visit The Plane House, which had just been restored. It was a lovely hot day and we had a meal at the Hotel Espuña. 

August 2022, at the hottest time of the year, we went to visit a view point over looking Alhama de Murcia high above the old castle ruin with some amazing views. We then went to another viewpoint, (Badlands), to view the turquoise lake. We then had our picnic in the shade.

September 2022, we drove to Almeria for a free visit to a castle at Velez Blanco and an 18th Century monastery, not far from Albox. Our biggest group yet with some extra people from Canada who were on holiday with friends within the group.

La Bastida
La Bastida

October 2022 was something completely different. We had arranged a private tour with a Spanish translator to show us round La Bastida, Totana – a huge Bronze Age town, one of Spain’s oldest, also known as The Western Troy. Afterwards, we had our picnic at the old ‘Laundry Room’ at Aledo.

November 2022, we visited a viewpoint with a huge Jesus statue, overlooking Totana towards Mazarrón and the sea. We visited an abandoned village dating back to Roman times. The local farmer sold us his grapes while we explored the village. We then visited a gorge that was under the sea millions of years ago. 

December 2022 – no exploring! Time to dress up in our Christmas gear and have some fun and Christmas dinner at the Hotel Mariposa. A great ending to the year. 

This year’s outings start in February when we are visiting Cartagena including the Army Museum, a park, part of the Roman fortifications of Cartagena and ‘San Francisco Park’.

For more information about our outings and past outings, please check Expat in Mazarrón. For up-to-date videos and new places to explore in 2023 go to Camposol Explorers YouTube channel.