Camposol Explorers is run by Shaun who runs the Expat in Mazarrón YouTube channel. It’s all about living in Spain, Camposol, places of interest, property, going out walking and many more things about Spain. 

Shaun set up a group called Camposol Explorers, which is about going out exploring once a month in the Murcia Region and beyond. If you want to join, please contact Shaun on Facebook group Expat in Mazarrón.

We had a lovely sunny day to go exploring the Aledo area, about a 30 minute drive from Camposol. Our first location was the ‘Mirador del Corazon de Jesus’ (Google Sat-Nav). As you drive up the hill to the Jesus statue, there are 14 statues. These represent the following moments of the passion and death of Christ. The main statue is ‘Heart of Jesus’.

Our next location, was about a 10 minute drive to ‘Ermita de Los Allozos’ (Google Sat-Nav). People have been living here since Roman times, mainly farmers growing grapes, even to this present day. In 1729, a small chapel was built, the ‘Hermitage of the Virgin of Los Allozos’. During this time there were over 10 families living there until 1963 when the last family left. There was no water or electricity and they moved to Aledo or Totana which are close by.

While we were there, the local farmer, an old gentleman asked if we wanted any grapes and he went and picked a load for us all. For a small price we left with loads of lovely grapes.

Our last location, also about a 10 minute drive away is ‘Arboleja Strait’ (Google Sat-Nav). I call it ‘The Gorge’!  There is plenty of parking, a BBQ area and shade. Before the walk, we had our picnic and a chat. After eating we walked to the viewing point looking down the gorge and the Rambla de Lebor. Steps lead down to the river bed which is dried up most of the year. You then enter what looks like a tunnel which goes 500m in. It is 9 million years old, mostly limestone, but you will notice coral and the walls have different colours. Also you will notice, it’s very cool in there. It is well worth a visit.

For our trip in December, we will visit a viewing point overlooking the lake at the Badlands, not far from Camposol. We will then have our Christmas Dinner at the Hotel Mariposa.

Please check out the videos on YouTube channel Expat in Mazarrón and for up-to-date videos on new places and where else we are exploring in 2023 go to Camposol Explorers YouTube channel.