Shaun runs the Expat in Mazarrón YouTube channel which is about Camposol where he lives, places of interest, property, going out walking and many more things about Spain. Camposol Explorers is about going out exploring once a month in the Murcia Region. There is a waiting list for this group, so if you are interested, please contact Shaun on his Facebook Expat in Mazarrón.

The November outing was to Aguilas, not far from Camposol. We had a few surprises this time as we headed towards the first location (Sat Nav: Túnel de descarga musealizado del Embarcadero de El Hornillo) which is the ‘Unloading Tunnel’ which is normally not open during this time of year. It’s free and tells the history of the tunnel in Spanish and English, and the pier, it has big notice boards and photographs of the railway. 

After a group photograph we walked up above the tunnel to the viewing platform to look over the pier and the sea. It is the only iron pier in Spain, built in 1903 and was to ship iron ore and other goods by sea. The pier closed in 1973. It is now a hiking and cycle path.

Next location- Sat Nav ‘Rincon del Hornillo’. There is a small car park with a sandy beach with views looking towards the iron pier. Also you will see the steps, walls and a small restaurant (only open during the summer months) covered in mosaics. 

A Juan Martinez who worked the railways spent 12 years making these mosaics. 

As the restaurant was closed we went to the nearby Burger King for a coffee and the use of the toilets. We then went to our next location (Sat Nav: ‘Plaza del Hornillo’) which is two gardens. The last time I came here they were abandoned, but now it is all tidy and looked so nice so we had our picnic in the park. After our picnic we walked across the road to look at the other garden. The gardens were named after a local businessman called Jesus Fernandez.

Our final location was (Sat Nav: ‘La Playa Armarilla’), a lovely sandy beach with an Island ‘Isla Del Fraile’. We are not sure what was on the island, but as you can see, there are old ruined buildings; possible from mining. There are steps leading down to the beach. On the beach you can see the iron pier and Aguilas in the distance.

Everybody enjoyed the outing and are looking forward to the next trip to the Sierra Espuña to visit the snow wells and then a group Christmas dinner to finish the year.

Please check out this outing and past outings on YouTube channel – Camposol Explorers.